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Re: So whatcha got planned for dinner?Just got back from     06/17/2015
took some smoked pulled pork out of the freezer.  Got some rice cooking in the rice cooker.  Got a... More »
Re: Father's Day gifts     06/17/2015
Thinking about making a shirt with my two year olds hand print where his heart will be.  Need to ge... More »
Re: No more Peaches after the end of the month     06/17/2015
I thought you were gonna say something about the hill country peaches.  Whee thank goodness it wasn... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/17/2015
@herron1345: I have chondromalia in my patella, basically i have runners knee.   It hurts b... More »
Re: I am already bored today     06/17/2015
I woke up early to my 2 year old wanting cuddles while watching tv.  Then i enjoyed some coffee... More »
Re: Something else NOT to tell your wife     06/17/2015
If my husband told me i was yellowing i would want to go to the ER for jaundice.  ... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/17/2015
@Fallon: you said WAS, when do they grow out of it? ... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/16/2015
You all gave some really good advice.  I really wasn't prepared this morning.  I won't let that ha... More »
Re: Discipline in public     06/16/2015
@WJo: In an ideal world that would be the case. I have a sitter for when I get physical thera... More »
Discipline in public     06/16/2015
How do you discipline your kids in public? My 2 year old was pulling on my shirt, fussing, trying... More »
Re: Orange Is The New Black     06/16/2015
I am on episode 5 of season 3 and it's just ok so far.  ... More »
Sunday dinner plans     06/14/2015
Boiling snow crabs and shrimp in a large pot of lemons, salt and bay leaves. Made cocktail sauce an... More »
Re: Nitrogen in tires     06/13/2015
I have been getting email quotes from several dealerships.  But they all have different add ons.  ... More »
Tinted windows on vehicle     06/13/2015
My husband is looking at getting a new car.  His has 112,000 miles and the exterior and interior is... More »
Re: Nitrogen in tires     06/13/2015
We are looking at base model.  The dealer add ons are tint and nitrogen. ... More »
Nitrogen in tires     06/13/2015
I was looking at Honda CRV's yesterday and noticed they all have a dealer add on feature of Nitrogen... More »
Re: Denny's Health Code Violations     06/12/2015
That sucks.  I actually like Denny's.  But I usually go to the Atascocita location   Just as bad ... More »
Orange Is The New Black     06/12/2015
Season 3 came out today! Anyone start watching yet?... More »
Re: Side mirror camera     06/12/2015
Just wandering about having to turn my neck as often.  ... More »
Re: Anyone else have arthritis     06/12/2015
I have it in my foot.  Was diagnosed via MRI prescribed by a podiatrist.  I just take OTC meds for... More »


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