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Dinner     03/23/2015
Broccoli is so good for you too. CA fighting. Kale has those same CA fighting properties and it do... More »
Re: Porter area man killed in hit and run     03/23/2015
Very sad! ... More »
Re: Toddlers and clothes battle     03/23/2015
I finally got her dressed.  She pooped and She wasn't fighting me when I was wiping her butt.  So ... More »
Re: Barter     03/23/2015
I have Electra men's and women's beach cruisers. I added baskets and water bottle holders. I can e... More »
Re: Dinner     03/23/2015
I like broccoli but it doesn't like me! LOL... More »
Toddlers and clothes battle     03/23/2015
My 2 year old refuses to wear clothes today! She is the best little Houdini when it comes me trying... More »
Re: Telemarketing calls     03/23/2015
I just ask them about their sex life and they hang up.  ... More »
Re: Dinner     03/23/2015
@Retired_Engineer: I just can't cook cod right. It always tastes flavorless. ... More »
Re: The returned     03/22/2015
Yes, I watch it when I can.  ... More »
Re: Beer nuts...     03/22/2015
@staylifted: I have had many Abita beers just not the purple haze. Love a lemon shandy after ... More »
Dinner     03/22/2015
I am drinking beer and eating baked beans, grilled chicken and a kale salad. Should make for some d... More »
Re: Time Out List     03/22/2015
Surprised I haven't got the ax yet. ... More »
Re: Beer nuts...     03/22/2015
@staylifted: They make a big butt Bavarian beer that is a good one oo. ... More »
Re: Beer nuts...     03/22/2015
Drinking a Leinenkugel's cranberry ginger shandy right now.  You got me craving nuts now.  I thou... More »
Re: Forest Cove BEWARE     03/22/2015
@herron1345: Her beagle passed away in the fire. ... More »
Re: Cool and wet out here     03/22/2015
May haw jelly?  Never heard of it.  I love a good jar of preserves.  Raspberry, starwberry, black... More »
Re: Kingwood Bakery     03/22/2015
Pouparts Bakery in Lafayette LA is my favorite.  ... More »
Re: What to do?     03/22/2015
Maybe it's a worm hole to another demention?  Try going through it! ... More »
Re: Need some sunshine     03/22/2015
Keeping it simple this year.  Just tomatoes and cucumbers.  I have the most success with those.  ... More »
Sunday paper     03/22/2015
Where can I buy a Sunday paper? Any stores?... More »


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