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Re: Tried Taste of Korea     01/21/2016
Can't get the pic to post.  Ill try later when i don't have a 3 year old helping.... More »
Re: Jokes     01/21/2016
One for the grammar police Knock Knock. Who’s There? To. To Who? It’s To Wh... More »
Re: Jokes     01/21/2016
What does a pepper do when it’s angry? It gets jalapeño face!... More »
Re: wind     01/21/2016
Got a heavy down pour in Atascocita and the lights went out for a minute but the downpour didn't las... More »
Re: Olive garden     01/21/2016
I would prefer a Cafe Express.  ... More »
Re: Funny pic     01/21/2016
@donnatella: You have to admit They do have nice dariars. ... More »
Jumpapalooza workout     01/21/2016
Took my 3 year old to the dentist this morning and she did awesome so I treated with a trip to Jumpa... More »
Funny pic     01/21/2016
hilarious ... More »
Tried Taste of Korea     01/21/2016
I had the Bulgogi lunch box with kimchi, dumplings, rice and salad. The owner was really friendly a... More »
Re: New Baby Gift Basket     01/21/2016
@allymansfield: My daughter still loves her blankies at age 3. ... More »
Re: New Baby Gift Basket     01/20/2016
Not sure about the Verizon thing but the Aiden And Anais swaddling blankets are a must have for a ne... More »
Re: Starving for broccoli     01/20/2016
Yes, I cooked it in salted water, drained the water and added salt and shredded cheese.  She helped... More »
Starving for broccoli     01/20/2016
After eating the few pieces of broccoli I put on her plate this evening My 3 year old said "I am sta... More »
Re: Not moving yet     01/20/2016
@Fallon: I have found that the home prices in Atlanta burbs are about the same as Kingwood are... More »
Re: Not moving yet     01/20/2016
@beastmode: No thanks. I want to cash out on the good market now before it crumbles with low ... More »
Re: Not moving yet     01/20/2016
@mm4731: That's really too bad. It's amazing. ... More »
Re: Not moving yet     01/20/2016
@taramay: Still traveling but he will just be traveling in Georgia, Al, MS, LA and TN. Maybe F... More »
Not moving yet     01/20/2016
Well my husband finally got an update on the possible job situation. The people who interviewed wan... More »
Re: Hump day dinner     01/20/2016
@beastmode: What did you do different with spaghetti? ... More »
Hump day dinner     01/20/2016
I love having bbqguys meats in my freezer. Tonight i heated up brisket and pork butt and served wit... More »

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