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Re: Menu for election results     11/08/2016
Have some chicken marinating. Gonna grill it on the Weber with some asparagus. Maybe some sausage ... More »
Re: Sending a Heavy Package     11/07/2016
Humble post office is decent ... More »
Re: Chronic headache solutions?     11/07/2016
@RogueHippEE: Thank God I don't have those headaches! What a downer that would be. ... More »
Re: Great soup     11/07/2016
Potatoes are gas producing.  Lol. I prefer broth based soups over cream based.  ... More »
Re: Chronic headache solutions?     11/07/2016
Was doing some internet searches and found this on the Mayo clinic site.  I understand all but Fema... More »
Chronic headache solutions?     11/07/2016
Anybody suffer with chronic headaches? What did the doctor recommend? I have an appointment in 2 w... More »
Re: Questions for a respiratory therapist     11/06/2016
I am a radiographer.  Granted I have been out of the work force for 5 years but I attend 24 hrs of ... More »
Re: Flannel time!     11/06/2016
What is the weather like in Kingwood?... More »
Re: Urgent Need Plumber pipe burst attic     11/06/2016
Turn your water supply off. ... More »
Flannel time!     11/06/2016
Enjoying my flannel shirt today.  Got to order me some more, these are great for weather in the 40'... More »
Re: Apple Picking Near Houston     11/06/2016
The kind of apples you buy at the grocery store do not grow in the Houston area.  ... More »
Re: 3 more days of Politic Crazyness     11/06/2016
@NoahBaudie: Hope it isn't that bad.  ... More »
Re: Oreo, Toffee and Pumpkin     11/06/2016
Can't get enough of this raccoon. ... More »
3 more days of Politic Crazyness     11/06/2016
Just 3 more days till we get results.  Ready for this to be over.  ... More »
@ProblemAgain: I saw it on The OReilly Factor.  I would say he is reputable.  ... More »
Re: Brand of Toilet Paper?     11/06/2016
Yes, think i will go back to Scotts soft and will try Cottonelle for the DH. ... More »
Re: Brand of Toilet Paper?     11/06/2016
@SwaggyG: I use wipes for #2 and when my daughter goes either.  but we don't flush them, i keep... More »
Re: Met at the grocery store     11/06/2016
LOL!  ... More »
Re: My dogs didn't get the memo     11/06/2016
My dog and daughter gave me the extra hour though I went to bed much later than usual.  so at l... More »
Locked cabinets     11/05/2016
I need to get a locked cabinet for craft and school supplies.  My 4 year old will get into it and d... More »

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