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Re: Dateline NBC     11/22/2013
My dogs are allergic to trifexis. The flea medicine part anyways.... More »
Re: Dateline NBC     11/22/2013
@Retired_Engineer: I had know idea that is what the American veterinary medical associatio... More »
Dateline NBC     11/22/2013
Great episode today on confessions of a veterinarian. Did you know that most vaccines are good fo... More »
Re: truck and no heat     11/22/2013
@Retired_Engineer: Thanks! learned something new today.  ... More »
Re: black friday     11/22/2013
i doubt i will.  Unless i see some good deal on stuff i want for my DD.  Most everyone else i give... More »
Re: Winner!!     11/22/2013
Congrats @lolaThanks KDC for not making the dots to long this time, a little shorter would be even b... More »
Re: Friday Night Plans     11/22/2013
Atascocita won last friday !!I have plans to go through my mail basket.  It is over flowing wit... More »
Re: Chatting?     11/22/2013
hopefully people won't think your rude if you don't respond.  ... More »
Re: 2013 Sexiest Man Alive IS.......     11/21/2013
Adam isn't thick enough for me. ... More »
Re: Throwback Thursday     11/21/2013
@herron1345: Yes, something like that! ... More »
Re: Favorite holiday drinks     11/21/2013
@BooBear: No. With 7 up , ginger ale or cranberry juice. If I had some good flavored vodka ... More »
Favorite holiday drinks     11/21/2013
With or without alcohol Usually it's wine but this year I am drinking either vodka or whiskey ... More »
What are you drinking tonight?     11/21/2013
Cranberry Canada Dry and Seagrams 7... More »
Re: Throwback Thursday     11/21/2013
There use to be a store in the mall that sold only cotton seperates.  It was all made to mix and ma... More »
Re: Posting Contest - Skeeter's Mesquite Grill!     11/21/2013
@manhunter: I love your avitar photo!  too freaking cute. I want to win some SKeeters, heck ye... More »
Re: KINGWOOD.COM !.. QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!     11/21/2013
@mm4731: O, gotcha. Thanks! ... More »
Re: Toddler Crushes, Oh MY!     11/21/2013
@topcat: She's too young to "go steady".  I say have more than one boy friend.  But seriously,... More »
Re: The hole is the problem.     11/21/2013
@lola had some sheetrock work done by Randy. More »
Re: KINGWOOD.COM !.. QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!     11/21/2013
@Wjo Why does it matter that you don't live in TX.  He mails you a check if you win.... More »
Toddler Crushes, Oh MY!     11/21/2013
My 14 month old daughter has 3 boys aged 2 years old that have a crush on her at mothers day out.  ... More »


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