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Re: Volkswagen Jetta TDI     06/24/2015
Now he is leaning towards the civic , accord, or Camry.  ... More »
Re: Supper tnite     06/24/2015
@bp2018: That just sounds evil good. ... More »
Re: Supper tnite     06/24/2015
Grilled fish and veggies tonight.  No cocktail sauce and no sprite jut in case it caused my heartbu... More »
Horrible heartburn     06/23/2015
I am having horribly painful heartburn! Not sure what caused it. I had shrimp cocktail and homem... More »
Re: T & A, it worked then, it still works now     06/23/2015
Women have so many power plays.  It would be a shame to not use them.  Boobs, butt, lady parts, le... More »
Re: Brush with "Greatness"     06/23/2015
I went to high school with Jim Parsons. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. ... More »
Volkswagen Jetta TDI     06/23/2015
What are your thoughts on this vehicle? My husband is shopping around for cars and this is one he i... More »
Re: Los Cucos     06/21/2015
Glad your taco got fixed.   ha ha... More »
Re: ....Straight Up Honest Admission... Some May Not Relate, But     06/21/2015
I'll bring the brownie mix... More »
Re: Coffee is extra good this morning     06/21/2015
when i lived near Weslayan.  I use to go to the Central Market to shop for groceries and they alway... More »
Re: looks like     06/21/2015
I don't miss those days.  ... More »
Re: This is a few of my favorite things     06/21/2015
Bright copper kettle and warm woolen mittens... More »
Car seat cleaning     06/20/2015
Need to get my husbands care seats cleaned, they were peed on. Where is a good place to go? Prefer... More »
Re: Ladies Lunch - Friday, 11:30 @ La Madeline     06/19/2015
May not make it either.  ... More »
Re: Embarrassin'     06/19/2015
Just being nosey... More »
Re: Cilantro's     06/19/2015
I would love a organic whole foods type restaurant.   Lots of veggie choices, brown rice , quinoa ... More »
Re: How do define marriage?     06/19/2015
Hard work, hot sex, loving embraces, fun times, compromises, Unselfish behavior, United, sensitive t... More »
Re: Embarrassin'     06/19/2015
Good morning.   What ya need at SAMs?... More »
Re: Haiku thread....go     06/19/2015
I don't like rules for poetry  I have a hard  time writing one  following some rules for its st... More »
Re: Moo yah closed?     06/19/2015
I never tried it.  I am a Smashburger fan. ... More »


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