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Re: Looking for work     06/30/2015
I always call an make sure the right person got a hold of my resume.  Because HR has screwed things... More »
Preschooler hard to feed     06/30/2015
I took Emma to Los Cucos for lunch and she ate really well and behaved I couldn't believe it! She a... More »
Gallstones     06/30/2015
If your having anxiety about attacks then just get it out. The first couple hours after you will ha... More »
Preschooler hard to feed     06/30/2015
@taramay: Your lucky Emma fights naps and bedtime everyday. By the end of the day I am exh... More »
Re: What are your SUPPER plans tonight???     06/29/2015
Brisket, cucumbers and tomatoes Little one ate a few bites of brisket and some macaroni. ... More »
Re: Preschooler hard to feed     06/29/2015
I have been a regular customer of @Bbqguy for a few months now.  And my daughter has refused to try... More »
Re: Same Sex Marriage Legalized, So Can We Now Legalize Marijuana     06/29/2015
@herron1345: No longer in the market. DH got a Camry he is really happy with... More »
Have a great day, everyone!     06/29/2015
You too @Bbqguy... More »
Ordered another toy. Big ass Steam Juicer     06/29/2015
You have a lot of free time on your hands.... More »
Re: Same Sex Marriage Legalized, So Can We Now Legalize Marijuana     06/28/2015
Have you thought about moving to Colorado?I lived in a Denver berb for awhile and a great place to l... More »
Re: Same Sex Marriage Legalized, So Can We Now Legalize Marijuana     06/28/2015
We can open carry in January too!... More »
Preschooler hard to feed     06/28/2015
My 2 almost 3 year old has only eaten two pieces of cheese pizza, a piece of bacon, some raspberries... More »
Re: homie n I chillin     06/28/2015
I bet you don't get many solicitors with that guard dog @ Ray.... More »
Re: Dishwasher     06/28/2015
I bought a low end Bosch for like $500 at Sears and I had to return it for a very annoying defect. ... More »
Re: What!??? this is Not good     06/28/2015
I can't keep ice cream in my freezer.  It's way to tempting!  I will eat a 1/2 gallon in 2... More »
Re: Smoked salmon     06/28/2015
Going to brine it on Wednesday and smoke it Thursday afternoon.  ... More »
Re: Small icons next to the mail icon     06/28/2015
Congratulations on finding love and making the commitment for better or worse, thin or fat, sickness... More »
Re: Hey BBQ guy     06/28/2015
I have Never tried but my father n law says squirrel is good.... More »
New Dachshund in the house!     06/28/2015
I haven't taught a dog sign language but I have taught myself and my daughter. It's a really fun l... More »
Hey BBQ guy     06/28/2015
Did you shoot them yourself? ... More »


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