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Re: Cpap store     04/11/2015
@Annie: I am not sure, my dr wrote a script for machine and supplies that never expired. Just... More »
Cpap store     04/10/2015
So I drove down to Stafford yesterday to shop for a new mask. It's a long drive but you can try on ... More »
Re: Just a little relaxing Friday fun...     04/10/2015
These pics give me a headache. ... More »
Best used car places     04/10/2015
What are the best places to shop for a used car? Looking for a fuel efficient small sedan, like a... More »
Re: This ol' boy is tired!     04/10/2015
They should serve those sandwiches at Big O's! ... More »
Re: I am so horny!     04/10/2015
I am too tired tonight for any action.  Drinking a beer and then going to sleep.  ... More »
Re: This ol' boy is tired!     04/10/2015
@BooBear: Is there anything decent left? Usually, all the good stuff goes in a few hours. ... More »
Re: Sprinkler system     04/10/2015
Good explanation.  I still do it the old fashioned way.  Doesn't bother me to move the sprinklers ... More »
Re: This ol' boy is tired!     04/10/2015
Can't wait for @Bbqguy to smoke my butts!   That looks so good.  ... More »
Re: This ol' boy is tired!     04/10/2015
I thought the garage sale was Saturday and Sunday?  Man, I am out of the loop.  ... More »
Re: Does Big O's serve something other than crawfish?     04/10/2015
Cool name for an eatery.  Sounds like something I would of called it.  Do they sell oysters? ... More »
Re: Breakfast is served!     04/10/2015
If I only got 4 hrs sleep I would say screw the cleaning, I am going back to bed! ... More »
Re: Swing sets     04/09/2015
@FDM31: Was it hard to put together? ... More »
Re: Swing sets     04/09/2015
My friends have green plastic slides.  I wonder if the yellow ones are any better.  And i have som... More »
Re: Swing sets     04/09/2015
@Mahm: Thats an awesome swing!  ... More »
Re: woke up starving     04/09/2015
@ET: Eww!... More »
Stafford Tx- anything fun there?     04/09/2015
I need to go to Stafford to buy a new CPAP mask. It's an hour drive, anything fun in the area for t... More »
Swing sets     04/09/2015
I would like to get one for my daughter but the ones my friends have the slide gets really hot. Any... More »
Re: I would ask... who thought of this     04/09/2015
Nice view for the person on the toilet.  If it is high enough up, most people won't see them.   I ... More »
Re: woke up starving     04/09/2015
@Stealth83: You can't taste the flaxseed. I like that it gives me the omegas that I don't nor... More »


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