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Re: Total Yumminess!     07/02/2015
Not bad but not my taste. ... More »
Meat is on sale EVERYWHERE!     07/01/2015
Thanks for sharing. I didn't get any grocery ads in the mail today. :( ... More »
Dish Washer     07/01/2015
The inside looks a lot like my Kitchen Aide. ... More »
Found white females gsd     07/01/2015
So sad. I had a white GSD as a kid. They're so loyal, playful and so smart. I wish I could help ... More »
Just ate the most sinful thing     07/01/2015
I ate a whole medium thin crust pizza! In about 2 sittings. ... More »
Re: Settin out here watchin the rain     07/01/2015
@Ray, you scratch your dogs nuts?  Thats a new one , never knew they needed scratchin.  LOL!Now th... More »
Re: Informercial cooking gadgets     07/01/2015
@sooner34: I am a bullet fan to but its not a blender! ... More »
Rainy weather     07/01/2015
I need groceries but I am not getting out in this mess. Just ordered a garden party on thin and pep... More »
Re: Informercial cooking gadgets     07/01/2015
I have had a new wave oven for years.  Only use sometimes  but it works good.  It a healthy way t... More »
Re: Door to door scam     07/01/2015
I let the dogs bark, yell not interested and if they are persistent I tell them to f-off( only happe... More »
Re: Charcoal on sale     07/01/2015
I stocked up faster Memorial Day.  I am good for the year. ... More »
Re: Warning Beachgoers Going Galveston Area     07/01/2015
I prefer the mountains anyway.  Waterfalls, hiking, beautiful greenery, etc. ... More »
Re: Gallstones     06/30/2015
@taramay: Good luck tomorrow keep us updated. ... More »
Re: Update     06/30/2015
I am not familiar with that dr.  I have worked with dr. Ortega and a couple others at MHNE.Was ther... More »
Re: Update     06/30/2015
@foxterrier12: Who did your surgery and what hospital? You can pM me if you don't want it pub... More »
Re: It was our privilege     06/30/2015
Nice meeting everyone too.  ... More »
Re: los cucus leftovers     06/30/2015
@Ray: Aw thanks. Glad she was mostly behaved and finally warmed up to your wife. She said yo... More »
Re: Looking for work     06/30/2015
@DVaz: I my husband I did that while going to college. And when I couldn't get a job right aw... More »
Re: los cucus leftovers     06/30/2015
I bought like the cheapest lunch item on the menu and shared it with my 2 year old.  No Los cucos e... More »


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