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Prayers and positive thoughts     10/21/2015
I just found out tonight that one of my siblings has cancer.   If you could just pray that things w... More »
Re: Frustrated and venting     10/21/2015
If they keep doing it after you talk to them again. Just toss some dog poop over as a reminder. On... More »
Re: How do you get the screw out of a cork?     10/21/2015
One of my favorite bottles is from Aldis for $5 and it has a screw top!I have a pressurized wine ope... More »
Re: Dinner     10/17/2015
think i might try smoking a pork butt and some beef ribs... More »
Re: Made it ..     10/17/2015
Nice view!  HAve fun and enjoy your trip.  you only live on this earth once.When i read your title... More »
Re: Orthopedic surgeon?     10/17/2015
@Annie: That is how he is.  Tells you just what he thinks you need to know and then on to the n... More »
Re: Today is..     10/13/2015
I just freed mine for the rest of the day!!  Much happier.  ... More »
Healthy lunch box     10/13/2015
What do your kids like in their lunch that isn't junk food? My 3 year old loves celery and hummus... More »
Re: Dinner     10/13/2015
@RogueHippEE: My girls are much happier now!... More »
Re: Leaves are falling - love this time of year!     10/13/2015
I would like some more cool fronts.  It was hot today. ... More »
Re: What do you have next to your bed?     10/13/2015
Lamp, CPAP machine, tubing , mask, SoClean machine, glass of water, my cell phone, my glasses.  No ... More »
Re: Vote NO -Proposition 1     10/13/2015
When is the election?... More »
Re: Dinner     10/13/2015
It's no bra day?  What what'!  The boobs are getting free right now.  ... More »
Re: Dinner     10/12/2015
Rice Krispie treats for dessert.   I made them to look like candy corn.  ... More »
Re: Dinner     10/12/2015
Leftover chicken fajitas ... More »
Re: Good morning for the dog park     10/11/2015
It went to Deusson dog park in Summerwood.... More »
Good morning for the dog park     10/11/2015
Think my dogs need some spoiling this morning. Headed to the park. ... More »
Re: Please Don't Blame Kroger     10/10/2015
I went to the Speedy Stop website and you can email them via the contact tab.  I was searching ... More »
Re: Please Don't Blame Kroger     10/10/2015
So the skimmers on are the speedy stop gas pumps not the inside cash register?  Is  Speedy stop op... More »

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