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Re: The Price Is Right     07/17/2015
Probably a good thing.  I am sure she would of broken a hip.... More »
Re: Jeesch came back in the ac....     07/17/2015
WOW!  Thats a lot of food storage!... More »
Re: Quadruple mini wheat     07/17/2015
love me some mini wheats!... More »
Re: Jeesch came back in the ac....     07/17/2015
Yeah, it's HOT out there.  i am sure it takes a good bit of energy to keep that freezer ice cold. ... More »
Re: Serious Hot Sauce     07/17/2015
Thats rough,  i will pass on that stuff.  I like some heat but don't want my butt to burn later.... More »
Re: Roof repair needed     07/17/2015
Rick Richert with a superior roof281 731 3826he did a great job on my roof repair.  Just $200... More »
twin bedroom set shopping     07/17/2015
My little one is sleeping in her big girl twin bed now.  I need to shop for a headboard and dresser... More »
Re: Phone Cases/Covers     07/17/2015
best deals are onlineI am a clutz so otterbox for me all the way.  I have tried others and cracked ... More »
Re: LIFE     07/17/2015
@bp2018: I have a laminating machine!  I have know idea what phase 10 is though.  Spades and ... More »
Re: Max Needs a Home     07/17/2015
I inherted a cat from my mom when she passed and he did just fine.  If they get exercise, food, wat... More »
Re: Best Happy Hour     07/17/2015
I have never been to Fiesta Azteca before.  I don't live that far from it either.Are the fajatas go... More »
Re: Food     07/17/2015
at least she is honest. ... More »
Re: Welcome to Slipperypickle!     07/16/2015
Interesting nameDoesn't that mean pickle has shot it's load?  Or is it a rock band?... More »
Re: Something's in the water!     07/16/2015
Congrats!... More »
Re: Sooo would you walk across your street NEKKED     07/16/2015
Gonna need more incentive than $1000... More »
Re: good lawd! I just realized something!     07/14/2015
Well what the heck is a Minnion and why are they so popular?... More »
Re: ~ I Love You, @BooBear .....     07/14/2015
@herron1345: You two should hook up and have a weed and wine party. ... More »
Re: good lawd! I just realized something!     07/14/2015
What's up with Minnions?  ... More »
Re: Battering Female Domestic Partner With........ha! ;)     07/14/2015
I meant wonder not wander earlier.  ... More »
Re: Some Random tidbits...     07/14/2015
I call BS on stomach acid dissolving razor blades.  I have seen razor blades, nuts, bolts, scre... More »


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