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Re: Old fart diet     05/02/2015
@donnatella: I can do shots but no margaritas or vodka martini mixed drinks.... More »
Re: made from scratch     05/02/2015
Where do you find dewberries?I have read they are near railroad tracks?... More »
Re: Old fart diet     05/02/2015
I already eat a lot of fruits and veggies.  Mostly raw or lightly steamed.  5+ a day every day.  ... More »
Re: Prayers for my Mom please.     05/02/2015
Best wishes for a speedy recovery for both parents.   And for your sanity in this stressful situati... More »
Old fart diet     05/02/2015
After getting some test results back I have been put on Metamucil, no sweets, and no caffeine diet. ... More »
Re: Moving boxes     05/01/2015
Call Target or Walmart and ask when the best time to pick up boxes is?I use to just go to Walmart la... More »
Re: Our foster family doubled tonight!     05/01/2015
Already dressing her up in cute outfits. ... More »
Re: My, my, my     05/01/2015
Do you guys imagine those limber chicks in crazy sexual positions or something?Jennifer Aniston is r... More »
Re: New Ebola development     05/01/2015
Talk about a bad STD!  ... More »
Re: FOUND dog - needs a new owner or a foster family!     05/01/2015
How long have you had him?... More »
Re: My, my, my     05/01/2015
Oh that hurt my eyes, yuck.  ... More »
Re: My, my, my     05/01/2015
The AT&T lady has real curves, it's nice to see.  She probably eats a real meal and not bird fo... More »
Re: I ran away...     05/01/2015
@Brat: Exactly!... More »
Re: Tipsy Nail Salon     05/01/2015
Pedi meetup?... More »
Re: ~ FUNYUNS... Damn You, Delicious Stinkiness!     05/01/2015
Haven't had those in years.  Cheetos are my chip weekness... More »
Re: I ran away...     05/01/2015
Buy a small farm with a pond.  Get some cows, chickens, goats and ducks.  Grow a garden and live o... More »
Re: Looking for another primary care physician or internist     05/01/2015
Call around to places on your insurance plan.  I have the same thing with my insurance.  $3000 ded... More »
Re: Pet Cemetery     05/01/2015
Wow, some really rude comments on here.  Either someone needs to get laid or is just a poop head. ... More »
Re: Virtual Kidnappings in Kingwood     05/01/2015
You can find a lot of information about people's family members for free online.  I did a people se... More »
Re: Its nice out here this morning     05/01/2015
I am cold.  the blueberry muffin sounds really wonderful.  I haven't had one in so long.I need to ... More »


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