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Re: Crapola Peeps!!! Lightening just struck the pine tree out front!!!     08/25/2015
This is a situtuation for using OMG!   OMG!  Glad you and your house are still standing.  Is the ... More »
Re: Good time to Sell.....     08/24/2015
I am staying put.  And will be fighting my taxes for the first time.  Any advice on what i need to... More »
Re: Duesson Dog Park Meet-up?     08/22/2015
I can't make it this morning.  My daughter is sick and needs her mommy.  It was a rough. Night.  ... More »
So Tired tonight     08/20/2015
Counting down till bedtime!!   ZZZZZZZZZ... More »
Re: FREE Chick-fil-A Breakfast     08/20/2015
My favorite thing about Chick Fil A isn't the food but the customer service.As far as food goes they... More »
Re: Now he admits it..     08/20/2015
The dugger dude and the Subway guy are just sick people.   Hope Subway guy gets life in jail.And M... More »
Re: Sex Talk...     08/20/2015
@green516: I have a 3 year old and am not looking forward to those questions. That would frea... More »
Re: diabeties     08/20/2015
by the way it was my husband who responded above.  ... More »
Re: diabeties     08/20/2015
I'm also diabetic and it can be hard to eat in a way that keeps you healthy, but you need to definit... More »
Re: I forgot what working was like     08/19/2015
I am not looking forward to that day of work work work again.... More »
Re: Car Guys --- Can You Identify This One?     08/19/2015
I love a nice minivan!! haha... More »
Re: Are you an organ donor?     08/19/2015
Nope, always scared they would take them before i was done with them. ... More »
Re: Deep thoughts by boobear     08/18/2015
@BBQguy: Any offers yet? ... More »
Re: Opinion on stovetops     08/17/2015
@brightlights: I have a 51/2 qt one and never had issues. Even with a heavy gumbo in it. I am... More »
Re: Duesson Dog Park Meet-up?     08/17/2015
I have two large dogs, a fluffy golden mix and a shepherd mix. ... More »
Re: Opinion on stovetops     08/17/2015
Also resale value I think is better with gas?... More »
Re: Opinion on stovetops     08/17/2015
I have had both gas and glass top.  I love the ease of cleaning with a glass top.   I have heavy L... More »
Re: The Clintons     08/17/2015
"Just don't bite it."  there is actually a song by NWA with that tittle.  I use to listen to it in... More »


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