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Re: Baking question     03/31/2016
@Cajunmom: No salt in the recipe. More »
Baking question     03/31/2016
I am baking some sugar cookies and the recipe calls for 2 sticks of salted butter but I only have un... More »
Re: McDonalds     03/31/2016
I am not a soda drinker either.  My DH likes a diet my dew sometimes and my daughter likes Sprite s... More »
Re: a blaaaa day     03/31/2016
Hope to get my car cleaned and cookies baked for my daughters school... More »
Re: Primary and Candidate Selection Rigged?     03/31/2016
@Fallon: I don't understand why he doesn't have someone on his campaign that monitors the super ... More »
Re: so I resigned today...#OHHAPPYDAY!     03/31/2016
hope the next job has greener pastures... More »
Re: Billary     03/31/2016
Those two disgust me.  ... More »
Re: McDonalds     03/31/2016
Do other countries drink as much soda as Americans?... More »
Re: Slow down in the neighborhoods, please     03/29/2016
i always here my neighbor yelling "slow down" when fast cars pass by... More »
Movie section down?     03/29/2016
Whats wrong with the movie section of KDC?... More »
Re: Tile refinishing     03/29/2016
Not sure about spanish tile but Doug did a great job on my backsplash.  He is very knowledgable. (... More »
Re: It is Property Appraisal Time     03/29/2016
I negotiated mine down last year.  But they raised it 10% based on their original appraisal last ye... More »
Re: zero respect for other people's property     03/27/2016
@Safety44: I was referring to the OP comments.  about a 3 year old coming over for dinner. ... More »
Buying a House with a pool?     03/27/2016
In a couple years my DH and I will be looking for a new house and my DH wants to get one with a pool... More »
Re: Best inground pool builder in Kingwood area     03/27/2016
I miss the bookmark feature!  It really comes in handy on posts like this with good websites or rec... More »
Re: International Space Station     03/27/2016
cool stuff.  I might be awake in 30 minutes to see it this morning. :(... More »
Re: Bummed     03/27/2016
@Safety44: I am in the minority here, but i think its great that you are not babying yourself an... More »
Re: North park horrible!!     03/27/2016
Traffic was backed up down Kingwood Drive to get to 59 around 12:30 Saturday.  I was thankful i was... More »
Re: Neighbor's tree     03/27/2016
I had that issue to with several branches from a pine tree in my neighbors yard getting in the way o... More »
Re: zero respect for other people's property     03/27/2016
A 3 year old is out unsupervised?  Geez!  Someone is gonna get hit by a car. ... More »

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