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Re: Need brake pads     12/11/2015
@staylifted: Would NTB be a decent choice for an oil change and brakes?... More »
Re: Synthetic oil changes     12/11/2015
Manual recommends ow-20. Which I think is synthetic.  ... More »
Re: Desperate for a new foster family     12/11/2015
Sounds like Finn and Duke are best buds already.  Labs are great!... More »
Need brake pads     12/11/2015
I am hearing a crunching sound when I brake. Guessing my caravan needs new pads. Is it best to get... More »
Synthetic oil changes     12/11/2015
My husband drives a 2014 Camry LE and NTB says he has to get a synthetic oil changes? There are lik... More »
Re: 12 Days Contest -- Day 2 Winner #2     12/10/2015
WHoop Whoop!!!!  SO So So Awesome!!  I am going to give it to my husband for Christmas.  He has b... More »
Re: spending goals     12/10/2015
The fast food is for my picky daughter who will only eat little Cesears $5 pizza or chicken nuggets ... More »
Re: Partner's to the end, HPD horse dies     12/09/2015
Oh that is so heartbreaking and sad.  Prayers for the officer.  It is really hard loosing a love o... More »
Re: making new friends     12/09/2015
@BooBear: Sounds fun. My daughter loves music and loves to dance. ... More »
Re: It's a great time to live in     12/09/2015
I see that as a good thing.  You could take an eye out with that door handle!  I am such a clutz t... More »
Re: spending goals     12/09/2015
Yes, our prescriptions are not  optional for the most part but i need to plan for future doctor vis... More »
Re: Missing Santa and Snowman     12/09/2015
I hope they strike at a house with security cameras so they can be caught on camera.  Just so mean ... More »
Re: Vehicle Theft During The Holidays     12/09/2015
Good advice thanks... More »
making new friends     12/09/2015
How do you meet new people?... More »
Contest prizes     12/09/2015
What prize are you hoping to win?I would really love the Painting With A Twist or the Home Depot car... More »
spending goals     12/09/2015
I am revaluating my budget cause my spending has been not undercontrol lately.  I have figure o... More »
Re: Saw this on FB     12/09/2015
funny!... More »
Re: Coffee Expiration     12/07/2015
I was asking cause i just use instant coffee.  But prefer drip.  But i am the only one in the hous... More »
Re: Desperate for a new foster family     12/07/2015
Sounds like he would make a great pet for someone.  Already trained is hard to find.... More »
Coffee Expiration     12/06/2015
How long is a pot of coffee good for?  How long do let it sit on the burner or do you put it in the... More »


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