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Quest Diagnostic     02/29/2016
Are they still in the same location by Vision Source between Kingwood and Norhpark?... More »
Pediatric GI Doctor     02/29/2016
Anybody have any good pediatric gastroenterologist doctors you recommend?  Dr. Banker won't see 15 ... More »
Re: So what's for dinner friends?     02/28/2016
Baked Cajun salmon with asparagus, onion, red bell pepper mix, and black beans n brown rice... More »
Re: 19 Year Old Doesn't Know Numbers of Months     02/28/2016
There must be a disconnect maybe?  I was watching an educational cartoon for preschoolers with my 3... More »
Re: ~ Old Chinese Saying....     02/28/2016
Someone is in a silly mood?  Cute... More »
Re: Still enjoying BBQGuy's meat     02/28/2016
His meat is extremely addicting!  I keep my freezer fully stocked with it.  ... More »
Re: Giving a 3 year old medicine     02/28/2016
Explaining doesn't help.  But I will try putting it in some lemonade at dinner time.  ... More »
Re: Baby bp     02/28/2016
Congrats!  How exciting and scary all at once.  ... More »
Giving a 3 year old medicine     02/27/2016
My 3 year old will not take medicine.  If I force it she will just spit it out.  Any suggestions?... More »
Ben Carson Rocked the Kelly File tonight     02/24/2016
I hope you all were able to watch the Kelly File tonight. If not it plays on Fox News again tonight... More »
Re: Trader joes     02/24/2016
@Weathergirl5: not happy with the salmon burgers. Don't look anything like the picture on the pac... More »
Re: Dear Trump Fan.....     02/24/2016
I like Trumps positions not his brash behavior. But it's gets him media attention and interviews. ... More »
Re: Looking for a flute     02/24/2016
@dotti573: Me too. I was in band in middle and high school and never heard those kinds of sto... More »
Cruz supporters?     02/24/2016
Has the recent firing of his top guy and the Nevada drop to 3rd affected your descions at all? Al... More »
Re: Looking for a flute     02/24/2016
"One time at band camp..."... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/24/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: He does and his policies are on his website just like everyone else running. ... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/24/2016
I like Trumps ideas on VA healthcare.  I have worked at the VA and it is terrible that we make our ... More »
Re: Thanks, Democrats     02/23/2016
Democrats or republicans aren't your problem it's your home builder who didn't inform you of your re... More »
Re: Constipation     02/23/2016
Think i must be getting old.   I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable and i eat  a Metabar Fiber... More »
Re: Great Harvest Bread Co     02/23/2016
Do you raisin haters like craisins?  Orange craisin scones are fabulous!!... More »

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