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Re: RIP David Bowie     01/11/2016
Cancer sucks! ... More »
Re: Chores today     01/11/2016
@Nurse3: Wow! Impressed. Your a work horse this morning. ... More »
Re: Chores today     01/11/2016
@cgm10sne1: I don't have any shoes to give away sorry. I have a hard time finding shoes that ... More »
Chores today     01/11/2016
My to do list is deep clean my whirlpool tub and finish clearing out my closet. Yet, I find myself... More »
Re: Echo stuff     01/11/2016
Ouch!  Stock up on Neosporin, lol!  Echo is so cute.  I am so glad your other two have embraced h... More »
Re: And It Starts     01/11/2016
It's fun doing Valentine crafts with my daughter.  Even Though I know it's a retail holiday I think... More »
Re: The Revenant - Worth the price of admission and more.     01/11/2016
Deep action packed preview... More »
Re: And It Starts     01/11/2016
I prefer to have a nice light dinner at home with some wine and a romantic movie while snuggling and... More »
Re: "13 Hours," Benghazi Movie     01/11/2016
DH will probably see at the theatres but I'll wait for NetFlix.  ... More »
Re: HLSR Entertainer Lineup     01/11/2016
I am not a big country listener.  I recognize several but none that I want to spend money on or dea... More »
Re: Mountain Lion Attacks Dog     01/11/2016
Wow, never seen anything like that.  Can't blame vaccines or artificial Ingredients to for that. ... More »
Re: Bug going around?     01/11/2016
I guess I over did it with the the chili and cornbread cause I woke up feeling much better.  The co... More »
Re: Bug going around?     01/10/2016
I really hope you guys are wrong.  My body isnt aching just my stomach.  And just fell yuck.  ... More »
Re: Selling online pet peeves     01/10/2016
I tried selling some clothes on here recently and just gave up after no shows, people changing their... More »
Bug going around?     01/10/2016
What are the symptoms of the yucky bug going around? I am suffering with a headache, nausea, stomac... More »
Re: Herron1345     01/10/2016
@herron1345: I bet the ice hurts at first. But then your foot should go numb almost from the ... More »
Re: Who has their heater on?     01/10/2016
We have the heater on 68.  And just made a fresh pot of coffee.  I am cold! Making so... More »
Re: Luggage shopping     01/10/2016
DH found a nice 32" Samsonite for $99 at Burlington Coat Factory.  He needed a big one to carry som... More »
Luggage shopping     01/10/2016
My DH likes Delsey brand what do you like and where do you shop for luggage?. Thanks... More »
Re: Go Chiefs!!     01/09/2016
That game was pathetic.  The Texans coach is a dumb arse! ... More »

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