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Re: Hey BBQ guy     06/28/2015
I have Never tried but my father n law says squirrel is good.... More »
New Dachshund in the house!     06/28/2015
I haven't taught a dog sign language but I have taught myself and my daughter. It's a really fun l... More »
Hey BBQ guy     06/28/2015
Did you shoot them yourself? ... More »
Re: Smoked salmon     06/28/2015
I would like a recipe without sugar if it exists?... More »
Re: my pot is lonely!     06/28/2015
I love the peaches in jars at HEB in the produce section but they are like $13 a jar!  ... More »
Re: whatcha cookin tnite?     06/28/2015
Steaming some of at BBQguys brisket, butt and chicken I had in the freezer.  I am almost out, t... More »
Re: lemons     06/28/2015
Your tree looks so healthy!!  What do you do to it?... More »
Re: Odin     06/28/2015
@sooner34: No it was due a medical problem I had. ... More »
Re: So whatcha fixin for supper????     06/28/2015
@BBQguy: @donnatella. If you haven't tried his ribs you are missing a real food-gasm! Both b... More »
Re: Prickly Peppers Purged     06/28/2015
I need to try growing these this fall.  I wonder if Kingwood garden center carries them?... More »
Re: Odin     06/28/2015
@donnatella: Yes, It use to be the only lubricant I used for several years. http://www.ourb... More »
Smoked salmon     06/28/2015
I read a lot of people rinse the brine off and let it air out for 2-3 hours till the fish has a shin... More »
Prickly Peppers Purged     06/28/2015
That's funny! I would grow those just for the laugh. And give to a few people I know just see the e... More »
Odin     06/28/2015
I had an OB/Gyn tell me years ago to use Crisco instead of KY jelly. It's much cheaper and less irr... More »
Smoked salmon     06/28/2015
Has anyone smoked fish before? I have a Masterbilt electric smoker and want to hot smoke salmon. A... More »
I was called a Horder....     06/28/2015
@ray. Are those gray library card holders from back in the day? ... More »
Re: Carmax negotiating?     06/27/2015
Carmax is for anyone. Me and my husband have credit scores over 800.  I have sold a few vehicles t... More »
Re: Mail     06/27/2015
I couldn't follow either.  Glad it all worked out.  Just put the keys in your mailbox for the mail... More »
Re: whatcha cookin tnite?     06/27/2015
Not cooking tonight.  When hubby cleaned out his car he found an Applebee's gift card we haven't us... More »
Tearing up the roads tonight     06/26/2015
@bbqguys butt is the best! Lol! ... More »


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