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Re: CROCS     07/05/2015
there is also a crocs outlet store in the Oulet shopping area off 290... More »
Re: I have noticed lately as I get older     07/04/2015
I think the belly just gets bigger and in the way.After knee surgery socks are difficult to put on t... More »
Re: In the last 2 days FIVE TIMES     07/04/2015
Hate that too.  Such a waste. ... More »
Re: Whatcha fixin tnite...     07/04/2015
@Retired_Engineer: My husband loves spaghetti with sausage. Must be a Cajun thing. I persona... More »
Re: Whatcha fixin tnite...     07/04/2015
Well the wood didn't smoke and the salmon was too salty.  But hey the dogs love it.  Might look on... More »
Re: Funnies     07/04/2015
@donnatella: That's funny! I would wear them if my ears were pierced. I haven't worn earring... More »
Re: Morning ride     07/03/2015
We were popping water balloons this morning and getting eatin by them... More »
Re: What's on everyone's menu for the 4th     07/03/2015
@ctl74: Sounds fun!... More »
Re: Whatcha fixin tnite...     07/03/2015
Got some salmon smoking should be ready at 7Made a fruit salad with apples, peaches, strawberries, a... More »
Re: I have found it to be extremely unwise     07/03/2015
Colon cleansing!  ... More »
Re: What's on everyone's menu for the 4th     07/03/2015
Smoked salmon todayBbqguys smoked meat tomorrow.  Sides- veggies and fruit salad... More »
Re: Summertime, road trips, and music     07/03/2015
[ youtube ] [ /youtube ] ... More »
Re: TV Land Pulls "The Dukes Of Hazzard" Re-Reruns....     07/03/2015
NO!  Not Dukes of Hazzard.  I loved that show as a kid.  Also miss my college days when daisy duk... More »
Re: third eye blind     07/03/2015
Every time I read your name I want a  crunchy dill pickle! Lol ... More »
Sun-San sandals     07/03/2015
They are suppose to be machine washable, has anybody tried? My daughter peed on hers. Dam I hate p... More »
Re: Good morning     07/03/2015
Dang it, now I have coffee and donuts on the brain.   And I can't have either one.  Getting fat an... More »
Re: Bacon!     07/03/2015
@BBQguy: Have you ever done bacon wrapped smoke whole fish? I saw a few recipes for it on Pin... More »
Re: Good morning     07/03/2015
Your making donuts?  Sweet!  I have always wanted to try that.  My husband has fond memories of h... More »
Re: Awww...such a sweet helper!     07/02/2015
@dotti573: That really really sucks! I would be so frustrated. ... More »
Re: Quinoa Salad     07/02/2015
I have a good couscous recipe... More »


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