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Spiralizer     07/08/2015
I ordered one from Willaims Sonoma. Anybody use one? ... More »
Re: If you drop a grape...     07/08/2015
I say see how long it takes housekeeping to clean it.  I use to like doing little experiments like ... More »
Re: finally off today     07/08/2015
@staylifted: What kind of white fish do they have? I need to go buy there to. Do they have ... More »
Re: My plans for today     07/08/2015
Would your man parts go numb riding the motorcycle all day? I love a good vibration between the thi... More »
Ice cream brands     07/08/2015
All you loyal Blue Bell folks what brands have you been buying or have you been doing without? ... More »
Re: 8 Dangerous Foods that People Eat Anyway     07/08/2015
I only use nutmeg and rarely. ... More »
Re: Favorite Healthy Cookbook     07/08/2015
Pinterest is my fav cookbook, craft book, sewing patterns, homeschool ideas, etc.  ... More »
Re: Water Balloon Filler     07/08/2015
I was gonna post a water balloon thread too, how funny.  Yes the ones at CVS for $10 are great.  T... More »
Re: Eating lots of Peaches     07/08/2015
I have bought them at HEB and Walmart and both have been good.  They are California peaches.... More »
Re: Eating lots of Peaches     07/08/2015
@Ray: I have been going a lot lately. I thought it was because of my cold but maybe it's the ... More »
Re: finally off today     07/08/2015
Is that in Kemah?... More »
Re: Carnival running a good deal.....     07/08/2015
Wish I could handle a cruise.  I just get too sea sick.  ... More »
Re: united airlines flights     07/08/2015
They need to have a protocol for when the computers are down.   When I worked at the hospital we st... More »
Eating lots of Peaches     07/08/2015
I have been on a peaches kick. Eating 3-4 a day! Even drinking peach green tea right now. ... More »
Re: ~ AMAZE-BALLS Asian Salad For Lunch Alert ~     07/08/2015
I am going to make a kick butt chicken soup for lunch with leftover smoked chicken.... More »
Re: united airlines flights     07/08/2015
Hope my husbands flight doesn't get delayed tomorrow ... More »
Re: Runny nose     07/07/2015
@Fallon: My knee is getting better and stronger each day.  Cycling and stairs are fairly easy ... More »
Runny nose     07/07/2015
I woke up with a runny nose today. It's like a faucet! Took Zicam and Emergency-C. Hope it goes ... More »
Re: How Does Panera Run Out of Bread?     07/06/2015
Soup is about the only thing I order there too.  Nowadays I just order the apple sliced but I like ... More »
Re: What's on the menu for dinner?     07/06/2015
Chicken nuggets and a fresh fruit salad.  Not that hungry tonight.  Still full from all the BBQ th... More »


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