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Re: And after a long day of travel and getting home....     07/07/2016
Travel is exhausting ... More »
Re: Thank goodness for...     07/07/2016
@Brat: Unfortunately' I haven't had one in about a week. Just wishful thinking on my part I g... More »
Re: Thank goodness for...     07/07/2016
@Brat: Got my house packed up, on the truck and started the drive to Georgia. We don't close ... More »
Re: Packing discovery     07/07/2016
It is online now.  Coffee flavored tequila!! More »
Thank goodness for...     07/07/2016
Maids Lawn boys Liquor Great neighbors And of course a really good O ... More »
Packing discovery     07/07/2016
While packing this week my husband found a bottle of Mama Lucia liquor de cafe. It is so good and t... More »
Re: Doggie troubles     07/03/2016
@MarT: I have used Dr. lore Haug in Sugarland for behavior issues with my golden retriever. S... More »
Re: Frozen strawberries?     07/01/2016
Strawberry and peach cobbler sounds great too! More »
Re: Doggie troubles     07/01/2016
See a veterinarian behaviorist if you want but I would put it down I have a kid that just isn't safe... More »
Re: Popsicle addiction     07/01/2016
I have been addicted to flavored popcorn lately.  Sweet and salty combos. My daughter loves homema... More »
Frozen strawberries?     07/01/2016
What can I make with frozen strawberries without a blender or food processor? ... More »
Re: Soooo whats for supper tonight....????     06/29/2016
Leftovers and stuff from the freezer.  Got eat  up what's in the house before we move. ... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/29/2016
That Freaking sucks balls man.  Sorry this is happening.  I hope the severance package was good... More »
Re: 20 Answers for Black People     06/28/2016
Most of us are a gumbo of races.  I don't see a reason to ask race questions on any form.  What's ... More »
Re: Favorite ghetto (ok..pc...inexpensive) drink?     06/28/2016
I use to like Some little jack daniels wine coolers  Just don't mix it with cheap beer.  Bad bad c... More »
Re: Kids say funny things     06/28/2016
@shodan66: OMG!  LMFAO!!!... More »
Re: what is this growing in my backyard ?     06/27/2016
I love fig jam!!! And my grandmothers fig tarts were awesome!... More »
Re: Need an aide for showers     06/27/2016
I agree home healthcare or Hopsice if he has terminal cancer.  ... More »
Re: PHOTO WORKS Projects 3 Elements     06/27/2016
I need someone to teach me the clif notes on Elements... More »
Re: Plumber     06/26/2016
What's wrong with it? Sometimes you just have to put the l-wrench thing in the hole in the bottom a... More »

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