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Re: Grown-Up Mac and's what's for lunch!!     02/14/2016
Sounds good.  I use to make some with cream cheese and rotel in it.  Yummy stuff.  ... More »
Deadpool     02/14/2016
Anybody watch it? It has good reviews. Think we are going to watch it tonight. ... More »
Re: Happy weekend y'all     02/13/2016
Weighted in , got groceries, ate lunch and going back to bed.  My intestines ar just cramping like ... More »
Re: Trying to suck this thing and i cant!     02/13/2016
Can't believe this thread isn't locked... More »
Re: Are you giving your guy a Valentines Day present?     02/13/2016
Date night is gift enough... More »
Re: I feel a nap coming on     02/12/2016
I could use a nap big time.  My daughter had a nightmare last night and I had trouble going back to... More »
Re: Dinner     02/11/2016
Chick Fil a.  Garden market salad with no blue cheese and low fat berry balsamic and tortilla soup.... More »
Re: Is anyone else a flashlight devotee/fanatic?     02/11/2016
I just cracked my Maglite, The other day  Think I will upgrade to LED after reading this. ... More »
Tortilla soup     02/11/2016
At Chick Fil A. If you haven't tried it you should. It's really creamy and spicy. It has black and... More »
Re: Sarah Palin Changes Endorsement     02/11/2016
I don't have anything against her but she is starting look like craves media attention.  ... More »
Re: For Starbucks fans only..     02/11/2016
What is a flat white?... More »
Re: For Starbucks fans only..     02/11/2016
Oprahs chai tea with one sweet n low. ... More »
Re: How many cups?     02/11/2016
I drink about the same on the weekends to.   Medium or dark roast in the morning and 1/2caff in the... More »
Re: How many cups?     02/11/2016
@dac2010: I have quit coffee many times and always come back to it. ... More »
Re: How many cups?     02/11/2016
I agree @heathur.  It's good for getting rid of a sweet tooth too.  ... More »
Re: Who here seperates eggs?     02/11/2016
I eat the whole egg. Either boiled or scrambled.  Every decade or so the studies change on the heal... More »
How many cups?     02/11/2016
How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? Do you drink more during the week or weekends? Lat... More »
Re: Kindergarten Changes Hours     02/11/2016
More art, music or PE doesn't sound bad.  Probably better than coming home and watching tv or you t... More »
Re: Money cant buy u Love....     02/11/2016
She makes her own money too.  She is a Jewlery and watch designer.  Even though she looks ... More »
Re: Chris Christie is out     02/11/2016
I agree 2 Bush's was enough. I think Carly Fiorina would make a good VP.  She is a great d... More »

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