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Re: Pork loin roast?     02/16/2016
So I took ideas from above and with what I had in my pantry already.  I cooked the most tender and ... More »
Re: How many cups?     02/16/2016
I didn't drink any coffee this weekend and had a horrible headache!  Woke up with a headache Monday... More »
Re: Ahhh coffee is     02/16/2016
Sucking it up this morning! (TWSS) I didnt sleep good at all last night.  My mind would not shut of... More »
Re: Echo stuff     02/16/2016
Looks like she is smiling in that last picture.  ... More »
Re: Pork loin roast?     02/15/2016
Lots of great ideas!  Thanks gonna whip a boneless one up tomorrow.  I think crock pot is easy wit... More »
Re: Spring lawn fertilization     02/15/2016
@klp1972: They have the best pre emergent for flower beds and can be used on lawns. It like $2... More »
Re: Pork loin roast?     02/15/2016
@mm4731: Is that a fryer?... More »
Re: Pork loin roast?     02/15/2016
I see some with balsamic vinegar in the crock pot. Anybody try it?... More »
Pork loin roast?     02/15/2016
How do you cook it? I need to look on Pinterest but just wondering if you have a good recipe. ... More »
Re: Mobile Dog Groomer...?     02/15/2016
I saw a mobile groomer van driving in Atascocita the other day.  I can't recall the name.  If I se... More »
Re: Is winter over?     02/15/2016
@Safety44: That's what my vegetable garden gets sun in the afternoon and shaded in the morning... More »
Re: Is winter over?     02/14/2016
I know it's crazy wearing shorts in February.  Going to plant some fruit trees I have been growing ... More »
Re: J Christophers Opened Today??     02/14/2016
Wine is expensive at restaurants.  I payed $11.50 for a large Shiraz at Outback tonight.  I could ... More »
Re: Supper tonight is gonna be REALLY REALLY     02/14/2016
@friday1: Oh yeah, after the food and wine went down. Lots of sugars for us both. Now I am r... More »
Re: Deadpool     02/14/2016
Hope you got tickets early.  They are selling out fast.  We had to skip it. ... More »
Re: Supper tonight is gonna be REALLY REALLY     02/14/2016
I just had steak at Outback, yummmmmy!  I am stuffed! ... More »
Re: Grown-Up Mac and's what's for lunch!!     02/14/2016
Sounds good.  I use to make some with cream cheese and rotel in it.  Yummy stuff.  ... More »
Deadpool     02/14/2016
Anybody watch it? It has good reviews. Think we are going to watch it tonight. ... More »
Re: Happy weekend y'all     02/13/2016
Weighted in , got groceries, ate lunch and going back to bed.  My intestines ar just cramping like ... More »

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