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Re: Crazy prediction     03/05/2016
Thats a long shot prediction. I think Hillary gets off the charges and Trump with Chris Christie or... More »
Re: Sleeping with a dog in your bed     03/05/2016
@FoFa: Just a pink rabbit on special occassions.  ... More »
Re: Found tiny dog     03/04/2016
Maybe post some signs in Fall Creek.  ... More »
Re: PM's Received About My Posting Scriptures...     03/04/2016
Keep on being you.  Sometimes I read scriptures posted sometimes it is just too much energy  to fi... More »
Re: Sleeping with a dog in your bed     03/04/2016
No pets in my bed... More »
Ear ache relief     03/04/2016
I think my little one has an ear ache. What helps your kids feel better when their ear hurts? ... More »
Re: Dear Mitt     03/04/2016
Several meanings for the word shaft.  ... More »
Re: KDC Contest - 3/3/16 - Denny's     03/03/2016
I am not country but I love me some Denny's!!  They even have healthy food on the menu.  Their egg... More »
Re: Girl scout cookies @randalls     03/03/2016
I must avoid ... More »
Re: Pizza Hut     03/03/2016
Johnnys in Atascocita has a lunch buffet with a salad bar I beilieve. I personally am too much of a... More »
Re: A Clinton-Scandal Primer     03/03/2016
I hope she hangs.... More »
Re: Dear Mitt     03/03/2016
@Retired_Engineer: When I voted last week they asked if i wanted a Republican or Democratic tick... More »
Re: Egg whites     03/03/2016
@DVaz: In Atascocita off WLH just past Aerobic.  I don't care for their sandwiches.  The donut... More »
Re: What did he mean     03/03/2016
The GOP is hanging it self right now.  They can't see the bigger picture.  Hillary is the biggest ... More »
Re: Happy Anniversary Herron 1345     03/03/2016
May there be many more celebrations in your future.  14years is major! Congrats... More »
Re: Stress management     03/03/2016
gym, dog walk, sex, alcohol, massage and playing sports... More »
Re: Predictions for TEXAS     03/01/2016
Hopefully Cruz and the other 3 drop out.  But I think The Ohio guy stays to win his state in two we... More »
Re: So what's for dinner friends?     03/01/2016
I made an omelet with cheese and red bell pepper. With a side of leftover brisket , cooked broccoli... More »
Re: So what's for dinner friends?     03/01/2016
@Fallon: Any easy and go to chicken meal I make a lot is brown some seasoned chicken in a pot.... More »
Re: Going to rodeo tonite.     03/01/2016
Hope you guys have a blast.   I am just not in the rodeo mood this year.  ... More »

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