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Re: Car repair update     04/26/2016
You are very handy.  Your wife is lucky. ... More »
Re: My cat is having seizures..................     04/26/2016
I would get a second opinion as well.  ... More »
Re: Ugh, my baby is a climber...Help!     04/26/2016
I have baby gates at the top and bottom of my stairs.  So I can lock the upstairs gate at night if ... More »
Re: What for dog thinks seeing you naked     04/26/2016
Loved the nipple comment!... More »
Re: Blu BELL 2 fer special     04/26/2016
My ice cream days are over too.  Too much sugar and too addicting.  Not worth diabetes. ... More »
Re: whatcha fixin to eat tonight?     04/26/2016
I am hangry for breakfast!  Feeling like Chick Fil A.  I am too sweaty for Denny's or IHOP... More »
Re: Plumbers and Cost     04/26/2016
@Retired_Engineer: My husband travels a lot and finds that if he asks for the veteran rate he ... More »
Re: Saw my very first     04/26/2016
Just beautiful and graceful. ... More »
Re: Bookmarks?     04/26/2016
IT'S GONE!!!!!!!... More »
Re: muggy EEE. out here     04/26/2016
Been outside all morning and ugg I am all sweaty.  ... More »
Re: Getting Settled...Again     04/26/2016
Glad you all are happy with the new place.  Your new neighbors don't know how lucky they are ye... More »
Re: whatcha fixin to eat tonight?     04/25/2016
grilled chicken with saladfish burger for the little one and broccoli... More »
Re: Contest...Wait, It's Only Monday     04/25/2016
AMC tickets, heck yeah!!... More »
Re: Martin Galleries - such a fun date night!     04/25/2016
I think it would a fun class with @boobear and @Donnatella specially on bring your own wine night! ... More »
Re: More "stink" from Hillary     04/24/2016
Fallon the ignorant vote for her and those that will benefit monetarily.  ... More »
Re: Moving boxes     04/24/2016
Thank you for all the great suggestions!  I found a few good Amazon boxes at the metro park n ride ... More »
Re: Moving boxes     04/23/2016
@Fallon: No, his company doesn't have a relocation department. I need to box some things up... More »
Re: mother in law is killing me !!!!     04/23/2016
My mother in law was a great baker.  She made the best sweet potato pies.  Guess she was slowly ki... More »
Re: Lost Husky - Sand Creek     04/23/2016
Husky's are such great escape artists.  Hope you find your furry friend soon.... More »
Moving boxes     04/23/2016
I am in need of good moving boxes. Is it best to buy some or check with local stores? ... More »

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