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Re: Flying with kids     02/02/2016
It's not fun for the parents of the crying baby/toddler too.  Been there in first class with my 2 y... More »
Bundt cake stuck, help     01/30/2016
My daughter and I made a rainbow bundt cake at her request. I am ready to release it from the pan b... More »
Re: DIzzy cold!     01/30/2016
@Nurse3: Wow, that's a long shift on your feet. Your a trooper. ... More »
Re: Date night dinner     01/30/2016
Max was good.  Tear jerker too. More »
Re: I feel it. He's here.     01/30/2016
Looked him up.  Country singer, not bad looking.... More »
Re: I love it!     01/30/2016
Welcome to Texas!  Texans don't take crap like that.  ... More »
Re: I feel it. He's here.     01/30/2016
Rick Springfield?... More »
Re: DIzzy cold!     01/30/2016
I thought sinuses or maybe I needed to clean my cpap better but must be a virus since it's catchy. ... More »
Re: Help, no hot water. Plumber needed     01/30/2016
I would shower at the gym.  Maybe get a temporary membership?... More »
Re: Child killed     01/30/2016
tears... More »
Re: Just for fun     01/30/2016
beautiful spotted leopard.  I love seing them at the houston zoo... More »
DIzzy cold!     01/30/2016
Everyone in my house including myself has nasal congestion and we are really dizzy.  Anyone else fe... More »
weight watchers week1     01/30/2016
I started Weight Watchers 1 week ago and lost 4.8 pounds baby!!  I still got to eat things like spa... More »
Re: Window Replacement     01/27/2016
I am happy for the most part.  I had to have one window repaired and I had to pay $75 even thou... More »
Re: Trump thinks he's unstoppable     01/27/2016
I personally like Trump and will probably vote for him.   But I will support whoever becomes the Re... More »
Re: Window Replacement     01/27/2016
I used Allied and my sister used Lowes.  ... More »
Re: Papa Murphy's Pizza     01/27/2016
Wonder how many WW smart points one slice is?... More »
Re: The wisdom of Bernie     01/27/2016
@thegoodwife: Dude needs more than a good lay. Doubt that will fix him. ... More »
Re: Anyone have a Lapband surgeon referral?     01/27/2016
@Stealth83: He is the best if that is what you really want. My sister in law had it done an... More »
The Overnight     01/27/2016
Weird movie I watched last night on Netflix. Not really sure why I watched the whole thing. It is a... More »

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