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Re: KDC, we really need a lost dog/pet tab or page     02/17/2016
@BooBear: Why? Everyone deserves a good O. ... More »
Re: Hurry! just bought 3 at .99 cents a pound at HEB     02/17/2016
Good one!!  Had me cracking up.  ... More »
Re: @Stealth83 ....Thinking Of You     02/17/2016
@herron1345: That's an awesome meme! ... More »
Re: Ouch - gas @ $1.35/gallon     02/17/2016
Might as well enjoy the prices while they last.  ... More »
Re: Pork loin roast?     02/17/2016
Leftovers are so good today.  It made a great little gravy for brown rice.   Reminds me of eating ... More »
Re: Ouch - gas @ $1.35/gallon     02/17/2016
Reminds me of when I was in college in the 90's and gas was 99 cents a gallon.  ... More »
Re: Egg and I     02/17/2016
The restaurant is on the weight watchers app for points values too.  Which is very helpful for stay... More »
Re: painful gums     02/17/2016
@Weathergirl5: I agree but sucks there isn't anything I can do about it. Unless I want it sur... More »
Re: Egg and I     02/17/2016
@Fallon: It's off the tollway in Fall Creek around Wilson rd. http://www.theeggandirestaurant... More »
Egg and I     02/17/2016
Tried it today with my 3 year old for lunch. I had a garden frittata, with fruit and English muffi... More »
Re: painful gums     02/17/2016
Well, I don't have gingervitiis or periodontal disease.  The pain is from bone growth called exotos... More »
So tired Today     02/16/2016
I better sign off before i say something stupid.  My brain is just not right tonight. ... More »
Re: Hypocrisy of Obama     02/16/2016
Politics is just screwed up in so many ways.... More »
Re: Today.... And Everyday....     02/16/2016
I can appreciate those quotes but I would image that if i was rotting in jail or a prisoner of war o... More »
Re: Have out standing student loans?     02/16/2016
Glad mine have been paid off for years now.  That was hard to pay when you can't find a job or one ... More »
Re: Guacamole Storage     02/16/2016
I just scoop the brown part off and beneath it is green.  ... More »
Re: Adult content     02/16/2016
Thats funny stuff.  I like how the blue one looks at the camera like "what?"  ... More »
Re: Open and concealed carry prohibited at rodeo     02/16/2016
So far i haven't seen anyone open carry.  ... More »
Re: Enjoy the beautiful DAY!!!     02/16/2016
The flu sucks!  Just curious if you got the flu shot or not?  Wondering if it works this year.... More »
Re: painful gums     02/16/2016
@friday1: so far i am just pre-diabetic.  I mentioned it at my last dental visit.  I m... More »

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