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Re: Luke's Locker     05/01/2016
Been shopping there for years but didn't know Ray was the best.  Good to know.... More »
Re: Mother's Day     05/01/2016
Love BooBears idea!  That would be a slice of heaven.  ... More »
Re: good day so far     04/30/2016
Grilled up some yummy Marinated shrimp skewers, burgers and green beans n mushrooms from the garden.... More »
Re: Can't sleep     04/30/2016
Guess, I am the only one tonight.  Glad everyone is getting some good rest.  Hopefully, i get a ch... More »
Re: 12 hour check....we are almost there     04/30/2016
@yankeejessica: Sounds like you need a liquor cabinet.  I inherited one from i think the 19... More »
Re: So excited!     04/30/2016
I don't think i have seen it.   What is it about?... More »
Re: White House Bound!     04/30/2016
What is wrong with these guys?  Geez, keep it in your pants.  No integrity what so ever.... More »
Re: Looking for Trumpet Tutor     04/30/2016
Hope you find a good one.  I played trumpet in high school way back when.  Such good times.Except ... More »
Re: if you are sad     04/30/2016
I keep thinking of the song "If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands""If your sad and you ... More »
Re: Weather concerns     04/30/2016
I picked up all the mess in the back yard just in case the wind was going to be bad. Well, at least ... More »
Can't sleep     04/30/2016
Drank some Emergen-Z sleep aide stuff and my mind won't shut down.  I have my to-list running throu... More »
Re: if you are sad     04/30/2016
Weirdest post today... More »
Zootopia     04/28/2016
My daughter loves the Zootopia movie. She has seen it 4x already. Can't wait for it to come out on... More »
Packing tape     04/28/2016
I hate when the clear packing tape sticks to the roll. It's such a pain to start it up again. Wish... More »
Re: ***WANTED***     04/26/2016
Get a maid and chef then do the rest your dang self.  Palmetto and fistina will be your best friend... More »
Re: Car repair update     04/26/2016
You are very handy.  Your wife is lucky. ... More »
Re: My cat is having seizures..................     04/26/2016
I would get a second opinion as well.  ... More »
Re: Ugh, my baby is a climber...Help!     04/26/2016
I have baby gates at the top and bottom of my stairs.  So I can lock the upstairs gate at night if ... More »
Re: What for dog thinks seeing you naked     04/26/2016
Loved the nipple comment!... More »
Re: Blu BELL 2 fer special     04/26/2016
My ice cream days are over too.  Too much sugar and too addicting.  Not worth diabetes. ... More »

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