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Re: Cut the cable     07/31/2015
Wow, didn't realize so many people don't have cable or satelitte.  I tried the antenna about 7 year... More »
Re: Huge Convenient Care Center Coming to Kingwood     07/31/2015
Sounds nice to me.  They have on in Summerwood.  ... More »
Re: solo whatcha' fixin to eat tnite??     07/31/2015
Stuffed burgers.  Stuffed with sauted onions, mushrooms, bacon and cheese!!  ... More »
Re: A local predator is free to sleaze around town now..     07/31/2015
I think Pedophiles need to rot in hell but is soliciting sex from a minor online illegal?  or is it... More »
Re: Wonder if we might get a 365 by Whole Foods Market here?     07/31/2015
I wish we had Humble or Kingwood Childrens museum and a Crust pizza place like in The woodlands.  ... More »
Re: My grass is "crunchy"     07/29/2015
Rain dance meet-up?... More »
Re: I need help!!     07/29/2015
You gals better not do that crap to my car.  I would be pissed.  ... More »
Re: Best place to sell or trade in a used car?     07/29/2015
I have sold a few to Carmax.  You getbthe best break on your taxes if you sell and buy from Carmax.... More »
Re: fml...     07/29/2015
Been there and it royally sucks!  Last time it happened I was 9 months pregnant.  I spent more tha... More »
Re: sewing machines and sergers     07/29/2015
I have a Brother from I think the 70's or 80's.   It was my MIL's.  I cleaned and oiled it and it ... More »
Re: Great Pyr needs a foster starting on Friday     07/29/2015
Gorgeous dog.  Hope someone can help.  ... More »
Re: When you go to the grocery store     07/26/2015
I eat one to make sure they are sweet.  They are so expensive I don't want to get them home and be ... More »
Re: Jan is comin Home!     07/26/2015
Homie is gonna miss gettin his balls scratched at night!  Lol! ... More »
Re: Good morning     07/26/2015
Rain would be nice.  I like that the heat has chased the Mosquitos away.  I can enjoy my evenings ... More »
Re: Just got back from HEB....     07/26/2015
I pick up a Texas watermelon from HEB. That is super sweet.  One of the big seeded ones.  Luke Bry... More »
sewing machines and sergers     07/25/2015
What would you recommend for a beginner?  Just want to make clothes.... More »
Re: Morning Blues     07/25/2015
I have the morning blues too. I burnt the bacon!  ... More »
Re: The fire!!!     07/25/2015
@Brat. The grammar police on this site is really annoying.  I totally agree.  ... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts 'fir supper tnight at YOUR place?     07/24/2015
DH cooked some chicken, Cajun smoked sausage and stewed tomato dish.  It's came out super yummy.  ... More »
Re: The fire!!!     07/24/2015
@FoFa: I have one of those chimney things but I haven't used it. I don't know how? I just ad... More »


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