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Re: Morning Blues     07/25/2015
I have the morning blues too. I burnt the bacon!  ... More »
Re: The fire!!!     07/25/2015
@Brat. The grammar police on this site is really annoying.  I totally agree.  ... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts 'fir supper tnight at YOUR place?     07/24/2015
DH cooked some chicken, Cajun smoked sausage and stewed tomato dish.  It's came out super yummy.  ... More »
Re: The fire!!!     07/24/2015
@FoFa: I have one of those chimney things but I haven't used it. I don't know how? I just ad... More »
Re: The fire!!!     07/24/2015
I need to grill some veggies this weekend.  Making me hungry for them.  ... More »
Re: YETI Coolers     07/24/2015
@BBQguy: Very cool your business emblem is on there! Speaking of that, how's your big proje... More »
Re: Any ideas...     07/24/2015
@donnatella: eww! ... More »
Re: A very expensive lesson...     07/24/2015
????????????????????????... More »
Re: Thursday's Contest Winner!!!     07/24/2015
very cool dude!... More »
Re: 911 Cell Phone Info     07/23/2015
I am surprised only 30% of the calls are from cell phones. ... More »
Re: activities for toddler age 1-3 in the area?     07/23/2015
@thetarget9: Are there certain hours this is allowed? I Have never heard of this.... More »
Re: Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus     07/23/2015
Just brew your own and sweeten with what you prefer.  Keep it in a thermos or those fancy  Yeti de... More »
Re: job offer from posting was a scam interview     07/23/2015
Good to know.  How do you get your resume out there?... More »
Re: Electrolux     07/23/2015
Fuming mad!... More »
Re: Food dehydrator     07/23/2015
How do you store dehydrated herbs?  How long do they last?... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner!     07/22/2015
awesome prize enjoy your spoils... More »
Re: Boy, it's sure hot today!     07/22/2015
thanks for the heads up @fallon.  this is texas he is lucky he hasn't gotten shot yet.  ... More »
Re: Fear Of Giving Blood     07/22/2015
I use to pass out every time as a kid.  But I grew out of it.  By college I stopped passing out. ... More »
Food dehydrator     07/22/2015
I picked up a food dehydrator at Aldis for $20. What is good dehydrated? I was thinking I would tr... More »
Re: It's coffee o'clock     07/22/2015
Been drinking it black lately.  ... More »


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