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Re: Chocolate Chip Cookies     05/20/2016
Yes the munchies are no joke!... More »
Re: Chocolate Chip Cookies     05/20/2016
Didn't help that I had smashburger for dinner too.... More »
When to use primer     05/20/2016
I always thought you needed primer before painting over a dark color. But I have seen some painters... More »
Charolette's Web     05/20/2016
Love this movie. My daughter has been wanting to watch it a lot lately. I remember reading the b... More »
Re: Chocolate Chip Cookies     05/20/2016
They are evil, put on 2 pounds!... More »
Re: Need a Laundry mat     05/19/2016
I will have my 3 year old with me so probably not Pops.  ... More »
Re: Charcoal     05/19/2016
I only have one bag left from stocking up last year.  If I wasn't moving I would stock up too. ... More »
Re: Tattoo Question....... I'm considering it...... YIKES!!!     05/19/2016
I took my daughter to the beach last Saturday and it was crowded with lots of families.  Anyways we... More »
Chocolate Chip Cookies     05/19/2016
My DD wanted hot chocolate chip cookies today. So we made some but I had packed my kitchen Aide mix... More »
Re: Bathtub repair?     05/19/2016
Well I called a couple of companies refered to me but no one called me back.  So I googled tub refi... More »
Re: Soooo whatcha fixin for supper tonight??     05/19/2016
We had Smashburger because my house was deep cleaned yesterday and my kitchen was too dam clean to c... More »
Re: Need a Laundry mat     05/19/2016
@QueenB: Any places to eat with in walking distance?... More »
Need a Laundry mat     05/18/2016
Need a laundry mat My dryer broke today and I washed two loads of towels. Where is the best laun... More »
Re: What's for lunch?     05/18/2016
Got around to making a rotisserie chicken sandwich with cheese n mayo on wheat.  Fresh Jucy peach a... More »
What's for lunch?     05/18/2016
I am starving. I am caring for my very sick 3 year old today and will be lucky if I can fix anythin... More »
Re: Yellowstone Park Rangers Euthanized A Baby Bison     05/18/2016
I don't understand what they were thinking?  Cold, really?  Give it your coat or a blanket but don... More »
Re: Brats on wlh     05/18/2016
I must be hungry cause I keep thinking about Johnville brats when I read the title of this thread. ... More »
Re: Do you ever just want a fresh start?     05/16/2016
@Ebola: Thats  just gross.  Even you are a model i don't want to see everything jiggling like ... More »
Re: Do you ever just want a fresh start?     05/15/2016
Moving is dam expensive!!... More »
Re: Ben Carson may have just given the 5 VP names     05/15/2016
you guys are cracking me up.  Thanks i need a good laugh today. ... More »

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