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Re: Most Popular Vehicles     02/09/2016
No one wants my caravan.  But gotta watch the Camry. ... More »
Re: OH MAN!     02/09/2016
In the mens bathroom, that only means on thing!!  SO gross, hope it was just a prank and they didn'... More »
Re: Squirrels in attic     02/09/2016
Do your neighbors feed stray cats?  My nieghbor does and worry about it attracting squirrels. ... More »
Re: Facebook Crap we hate     02/09/2016
I deleted my account about 4 months ago.  best thing i did.  Don't miss it one bit. Now, when i m... More »
Re: CVS Screw Up     02/09/2016
your avitar is super naughty!... More »
Re: MiL day out     02/09/2016
I feel bad i put my moms silver in the dishwasher back in college.  totally ruined it.  I was not ... More »
Re: Where would you go?     02/09/2016
Some where secluded and beautiful.... More »
Re: Foods when sick     02/09/2016
@Nurse3: Good to knoow, i have never cooked with white pepper before.... More »
Re: classified     02/09/2016
I tried to give a cat i had back to the rescue and they wouldn't take her.  They said they were too... More »
Re: Popcorn tin     02/09/2016
Love Garretts from Chicago.  My husband use to pick up a bag at the airport to take home.  Not wor... More »
Re: Foods when sick     02/09/2016
@Nurse3: She is eating one now. It's a huge hit!!  She just asked for a second one.  I ... More »
Re: Bread Pudding Recipe     02/08/2016
Never been a bread pudding fan.  Just can't get over the soggy bread texture. ... More »
Re: Foods when sick     02/08/2016
@Nurse3: They are still freezing. When I make lemonade I pour steaming hot water over a cup o... More »
Re: It's time to take the smart phone away...     02/08/2016
That "senior" phone sounds like a good idea even without the butt dials.  The farther along she get... More »
Re: Brand of interior paint     02/08/2016
My mother only used Benjamin Moore.  ... More »
Re: Foods when sick     02/08/2016
@CBP210: She loves Paneras tomato soup. Thought I might pick some up for dinner ... More »
Re: Foods when sick     02/08/2016
@Nurse3: OMG, that's a great idea!! I have enough lemons and popcycle molds! Thanks for the ... More »
Re: Foods when sick     02/08/2016
@Mahm: My daughter loves lemonade. I'll have to look for the minute maid ones.... More »
Foods when sick     02/08/2016
My DD is all stuffed up and snotty. She turned down nuggets, fries and even donuts. She must be re... More »
Re: WHAT?? Final season for THE GOOD WIFE??     02/08/2016
I haven't watched Blue Bloods this season.  Some hotties on that show for sure.  Might have to cat... More »

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