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Pinkie finger, who knew!     01/06/2016
I smashed my right pinkie finger putting up a cart table yesterday. I woke up with it hurting when ... More »
Re: work leash...     01/06/2016
My husband checks everyday, several times a day.  It sucks sometimes.  ... More »
Re: Let the Crazy Office Games Begin     01/05/2016
Glad I am not working right now.  Work drama sucks the life out of me.... More »
Re: Coming down with Something! UGH     01/05/2016
My sister and brother in law have that .  My sister has to work through it too.  That totally suck... More »
Re: Who Loves FREE Breakfast?     01/05/2016
@thegoodwife: I agree that the breakfast isn't healthy. But my daughter usually asks for donut... More »
Re: Who Loves FREE Breakfast?     01/04/2016
I like taking my daughter before school.  Will stop by Wednesday.  Love free days.... More »
Re: No Hoverboards at School     01/04/2016
Saw a dude ride one into HEB the other day.  Made me think twice about shopping that day.  ... More »
Re: job stress     01/03/2016
I went from management back to PRN mostly because I financially could but wanted to decrease my stre... More »
Re: Hobo at library     01/03/2016
I live in Atascocita because I couldn't afford the houses in Kingwood.  ... More »
Re: WTH - Park & Ride Recycling     01/03/2016
I went there this afternoon and it was clean and the cardboard bins were fairly empty.  Plus there ... More »
Re: Hobo at library     01/03/2016
There are places that pay better than$8 for people with just a high school diploma or equivalent.Ald... More »
Re: Other dog parks?     01/03/2016
@HollyHobby: More »
Re: Other dog parks?     01/03/2016
Gene Grene is nice and not too far.  But my favorites are Millie Bush and Bill Archer but they are ... More »
Re: Hobo at library     01/03/2016
I saw someone sleeping in a tent in a wooded area between the golf driving range and the old weird s... More »
Re: Texans     01/03/2016
Do we need to win to get int the playoffs?... More »
Re: Donnatella is awesome!     01/03/2016
Why grill pimp?  Do you pimp out your grill?... More »
Re: WTH - Park & Ride Recycling     01/03/2016
@angiekaye: Furniture? I haven't seen that. I need to drop off recyclabes today. Not look... More »
Re: Go fund me accounts     01/03/2016
I just dont donate anymore. No go fund me, not the street beggars, not the jars for whatever cause a... More »
Re: VA Executives Abuse Relocation Program     01/02/2016
That's pretty screwed up!  21 of 23 executives are crooked at the VA!  ... More »
Re: Girl scout cookies.     01/02/2016
Everyone is starting their New Years resolutions.  ... More »


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