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Re: Anyone had to deal with cremation recently?     08/19/2016
sounds like cremation is the way to go.  caskets are crazy expensive!!!  then there is the plot to... More »
Re: Birmingham AL     08/19/2016
@CantStandTex: no change of plans, DH had meetings in AtlantaI am home wanting to rip my limbs o... More »
Re: Italiano's in Atascocita?     08/19/2016
Yes, across from Pinehurst... More »
utility bill     08/19/2016
Just got my GA power utility bill for mid july-mid aug. $428!!  Geez!  I keep it at 75.  I do hav... More »
Birmingham AL     08/18/2016
Might be going tomorrow for a day trip.  Anything to do?... More »
Re: Obama Admits Iran Money RANSOM!!!     08/18/2016
Just like Hillary said it was a Youtube video with Bengazi.   They run the government so no punishm... More »
Re: Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/18/2016
havent been paying attention to the news on this.  Is there a police report or charges filedl or so... More »
Re: Black olives matter     08/18/2016
1863 Republicans freed the slaves. Grand Old Partisan reported: On New Year's Day in 1863,... More »
Re: Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac!!!     08/18/2016
@beastmode: Might check out the pool then.  I will have to go during a slow time because people... More »
Re: Black olives matter     08/18/2016
The dems were so racist.  And still only pull the African American population down.  IT keeps them... More »
Re: Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac!!!     08/18/2016
yes have used calamine lotion and spray form.  Not much help.  i have been using ice packs... More »
Re: Anyone have success with Weight Watchers     08/18/2016
Lost 15 lbs in the spring with WW.  Need to get back on track.  I have kept it off but noticed a c... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/18/2016
Awful ... More »
Re: That urge...     08/18/2016
Nope.  Never get that urge.    My urges are either food or sex related. ... More »
Re: Wednesday Fun!     08/18/2016
Hope everyone got their  hump on yesterday.   Happy Thursday. ... More »
Re: Am I the only one     08/18/2016
I use to keep that stuff but found I didn't use it except the ranch from Chick Fil A.  So that is t... More »
Re: Credit cards stolen in kings mill     08/18/2016
I saw a convertible with the top down and someone's purse on the passengers seat during daylight hou... More »
Re: Crime Stoppers Alert - Sexual Assault     08/18/2016
So horrible!  ... More »
Re: Black olives matter     08/18/2016
I really hate that people can't even joke anymore.  For fear they may offend some one.  It seems t... More »
Re: Poison Ivy, Oak or Sumac!!!     08/18/2016
Back to the dermatologist.  I am still itching like mad.  I want to rip my limbs off!  60mg a day... More »

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