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Re: ~ A Walk Among The Tombstones Movie Review     01/14/2015
I haven't seen it yet. I ussually like Liam Neeson movies, he is bad a$$. ... More »
Re: Help posting stuff     01/14/2015
There is a store on 1960 by the driving range that sells stuff for you on EBay. ... More »
Re: Top Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds     01/14/2015
The link didn't have the article doodlebug is referring too. ... More »
Re: Excited     01/14/2015
Have fun breaking it in. I need a new king soon too. Mine is 8 years old. ... More »
Re: Irregular cycles in your 40's?     01/14/2015
You can't plan fori it, It's terrible. I guess I have to get use to having female products on hand ... More »
Re: Sweet vs unsweet tea     01/14/2015
I like that my 2 year old likes unsweet tea. When out to eat I usually have water or unsweet tea. ... More »
Irregular cycles in your 40's?     01/14/2015
Anybody start having irregular menstrual cycles in your early 40's? I haven't had a period since No... More »
Re: Need food ideas please     01/14/2015
I have a serious fast food addiction I need to quit. ... More »
Re: Need food ideas please     01/14/2015
A food scale helps too stay in the right portion sizes too. ... More »
Re: Sweet vs unsweet tea     01/14/2015
Every once in a blue moon I ask for half n half. But I usually regret it. I am just so use to unswe... More »
Re: Proposal for Meetup     01/14/2015
@Fofa loves Korean food, he might be down for a meetup at the Korean place. ... More »
Sweet vs unsweet tea     01/14/2015
I ordered an unsweet tea at Burger King and got a sweet tea. Ugh, I hate when that happens. I need... More »
Re: Birthday dinner restaurants     01/13/2015
I would pick on of Annie's suggestions.  They all rock n roll.Another option is The Grove it is... More »
Re: Who is your family doctor?     01/13/2015
@herron1345: I have been a patient of his for years and is ok for cold and flu type illness but ... More »
Re: Welcome Youdumb!     01/13/2015
Why did you choose that screen name?  ... More »
Re: Temper tantrums     01/13/2015
@taramay: That was good two fruits!  I wish Emma would eat tomatoes.  She loves spaghetti but ... More »
Re: DisneyWorld - Orlando FL     01/13/2015
Is it better to bring a stroller, buy one at wallyworld in FL or rent one? ... More »
Re: CHicken Enchiladaz for supper     01/13/2015
I had leftover meatloaf, green beans and cooked carrots. ... More »
Re: Temper tantrums     01/13/2015
Went through the ice cream battle again. This time she ate some apples and pizza. I hope this b... More »
DisneyWorld - Orlando FL     01/13/2015
I am taking my 2 year old daughter to Disney world this Spring. I have never been to either Disney ... More »


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