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Re: My throat hurts!     09/01/2014
My 2 year old is sick too. Low grade fever, stuffy and runny nose, cough. She is just miserable... More »
Re: Half Price Books     09/01/2014
@KTownTexican: Yes, I don't sell books there anymore. I just donate them to the library and g... More »
Hot romance novels     09/01/2014
I need some good reading material suggestions. ... More »
Re: My Dilemma     09/01/2014
@donnatella: Units On my way! without Benadryl. 25mg tablet. Will knock you on yor tail.... More »
Re: Out in BFE again     08/31/2014
@Burnsway: keep pouring the tequila! ... More »
Re: OMG! Culinary breakfast orgasms     08/31/2014
@donnatella: A good "O" always takes some manual labor. ... More »
Re: Veron's Meat Market     08/31/2014
I need to go there more often.  I am at the Atascocita library every week.  How is the Kingwood me... More »
Re: Metro recycle question     08/31/2014
Went by there this evening and there was only the cardboard bin.  ... More »
Re: Just watched the absolute BEST girls' movie night chick flick     08/31/2014
Just watched it tonight.  Lots of laughs.  The red pants scene was great!  Some good old fashion ... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts fer supper tnite???     08/31/2014
@BooBear: most chowchow i have seen has vinegar.  Yes some have tomatoes too.  ... More »
Re: I'm SSSSOOOOOO BORED!     08/31/2014
Rum and grape juice. ... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts fer supper tnite???     08/31/2014
@ctl74: It's a hot pepper and vinegar mix that is used to flavor foods. It's a southern countr... More »
Metro recycle question     08/31/2014
Will the bins be there Monday for drop off since it's a holiday? ... More »
Re: Sooooo whuts fer supper tnite???     08/31/2014
Hatch chile chicken, spinach and pico de gallo brown rice. ... More »
Brown rice in rice cooker     08/30/2014
Has anyone made brown rice in a rice cooker?... More »
Re: Lost 2 Golden Retrievers     08/30/2014
Do you keep them outside all day and /or night? Do you exercise them? They just might be bored an... More »
Re: Breakfast     08/30/2014
I put scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage between two pieces of bread and cooked it like a grilled ch... More »
Re: Sooooooo whuts fer supper tnite?     08/30/2014
@cgm10sne1: Meet-up at your pool next Friday night, BYOB? ... More »
Re: FACT: Muslim brotherhood inside obomb-a's administration     08/30/2014
Such a long thread for 5 am. Maybe I will read it after lots of coffee. ... More »
Re: Almost 2:00 am and wide awake, AGAIN     08/30/2014
I have been up most of the night with my 2 year old. She has a cold and having trouble sleeping. ... More »


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