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Re: Craving soup     09/18/2014
The chowder came out delishous!! ... More »
Re: Best Weight Loss Clinic in Kingwood     09/18/2014
@Murf: My husband is doing the HCG diet and loves it. Lost 35 lbs so far. ... More »
Re: How do you bust speeders on your street?     09/18/2014
We just yell " slow down!" ... More »
Re: Best Weight Loss Clinic in Kingwood     09/18/2014
@gringaloca: My husband is going to the Oaks on west lake houston. He has lost 35 lbs in a mo... More »
Re: ethical choice     09/18/2014
Job interviews always ask these type of questions on the psych test. ... More »
Re: Walgreens pharmacy     09/18/2014
@Okiedokie: You really should try Target. They always call when there is an issue. Even. W... More »
Re: Craving soup     09/18/2014
@taramay: Yes, those are yummy! ... More »
Re: Fall garden     09/18/2014
This looks good pasta, chicken, artichokes and kale More »
Craving soup     09/18/2014
I guess this weather is making me want soup. I have some corn chowder cooking on the stove for dinn... More »
what ya eating for lunch     09/18/2014
Its too nasty to get outside what ya fixing to eat for lunch?  My belly is growling. ... More »
Re: Friday, Sept 19th Auction - Tomorrow!!     09/18/2014
I saw a few gems.  Might check it out since DH is home.... More »
Re: 7 year old girls     09/18/2014
It was just too wet to get out so we watched Frozen and made penny boats.  It was a big hit with th... More »
Re: Penny is acting odd - suggestions     09/18/2014
i would call the vet or email them to get their opinion.  Maybe just get a checkup and blood work d... More »
Re: Flu shot     09/18/2014
Anyone get the flu nasal mist? ... More »
Re: Patio Doors, Please help....     09/18/2014
Usually the door is higher than the patio or yard? And yes the ground and patio should slope away f... More »
Re: So you say you want Free Chick-Fil-A?     09/18/2014
It's 880 calories for the sandwich, small fries and a small coke. No thanks! ... More »
Re: Walgreens pharmacy     09/18/2014
I love Target pharmacy. They even call the doctor for refills before I even realize I have run out.... More »
Re: 7 year old girls     09/18/2014
I think we will make penny boats. Cheap, fun, and educational. More »
7 year old girls     09/17/2014
What do 7 year old girls like to do for fun? I am babysitting my neighbor tomorrow. I know she ha... More »
Re: Fall garden     09/17/2014
@mommyof5: I can't grow squash because of the squash bug. I have tried and tried. I finally ... More »


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