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$4 Doctor visit     10/09/2014
Walmart is opening up clinics.  $40 for the public and $4 office visits for employees. More »
Re: Where's a nice nature spot?     10/08/2014
@Ray: That's more than I wanted to know. ... More »
Really box game     10/07/2014
First 3 boxes were cash. What are the odds? ... More »
Re: Needs a job     10/07/2014
No self respecting female will let him go downtown on them either. Just to many things that could s... More »
Re: Needs a job     10/07/2014
His eyes are all black! ... More »
Re: Halloween cookies     10/07/2014
I made these from Martha Stewart The do... More »
Re: Cucumber and tomato salad     10/06/2014
@topcat: No totally different, broccoli salald has mayo, sugar, vinegar, etc.... More »
Re: Christmas Decorations     10/06/2014
Micheals has a lot of Christmas stuff out too and Even Cracker Barrel.... More »
Re: Cucumber and tomato salad     10/06/2014
I didn't have any onion but I used apple cider vinegar, a little Italian dressing and some sugar. C... More »
Cucumber and tomato salad     10/06/2014
How do you prepare your dressing? I really like the dressing they use on Cracker Barrel's cucumbe... More »
Re: Halloween cookies     10/06/2014
@topcat: Thanks, I will check them out. I went to Aldis and picked up cookie cutters. And ... More »
Halloween cookies     10/06/2014
I am craving sugar cookies. I want to get some Halloween cookie cutters and decorate cookies. Anyb... More »
Re: I stand corrected. Maybe they CAN be too big.     10/06/2014
That has got to be painful. ... More »
2nd child baby shower gift ideas     10/06/2014
A friend of mine is pregnant with her second child, another baby girl. I need some idea for baby sh... More »
Re: Bathroom Tissue     10/06/2014
I will never buy scented TP. Except Maybe as a gag gift... More »
Re: Guy in a bar kills 2 robbery suspects     10/06/2014
The shooter will need a good lawyer after bringing a gun to a bar and fleeing the scene. ... More »
Re: woke up     10/06/2014
@BooBear: Oh poor baby. :( ... More »
Re: This is what real men look like     10/05/2014
How about a post of real women? ... More »
Re: CHL question     10/05/2014
@Retired_Engineer: I actually renew this month. But no class is required to renew in TX just $... More »
CHL question     10/05/2014
When my Texas CHL expires will I have to get a new liscence if I move to North Carolina or will I be... More »


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