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Re: Clogged ears     02/26/2015
@Elle10: I am way too clumsy to try that. ... More »
Re: Clogged ears     02/26/2015
@Annie: Might try the warm compress. I am freaking cold anyways. ... More »
Re: What A Crap Day     02/26/2015
Sorry it sucked. Mine did too. Spent 2 hours on a plane with my two year old screaming and crying ... More »
Clogged ears     02/26/2015
I got off a short plane ride about 3 hours ago and my ears are really bothering me. Ugh! Any tips?... More »
Re: Blackberry Orgasm     02/26/2015
I love blackberry cobbler. I like a sweet biscuit dough with cinnamon sugar and pecans on top. And... More »
Re: Why I'm fat!     02/24/2015
I know I am fat! A'nt no delusion here. ... More »
Re: Why I'm fat!     02/24/2015
Taste great less filling.. ... More »
Re: trying to do grunge...     02/24/2015
How bout dirty beach flip flops? ... More »
Re: Glad we don't get snow to often     02/24/2015
Is it suppose to snow?... More »
Re: stay warm food     02/24/2015
I had grilled steak and chicken, broccolini, quinoa, roasted Brussels sprouts, kale salad and avocad... More »
Anyone else up?     02/24/2015
My two year old has slept 3 hours and is one cranky little turd tonight. ... More »
Re: Favorite beaches in Florida     02/23/2015
After listening to reviews and looking at some other review sites. Lido beach is where I am going. ... More »
Re: Day 1 of no Coffee     02/23/2015
Wish I could give up coffee. I hate how it colors my teeth.I have given it up a few times. ... More »
Favorite Sirius XM stations     02/23/2015
What do you listen to most?... More »
Re: Favorite beaches in Florida     02/22/2015
It's so hard to decide between Sarasota or clearwater. Might just have to make time for both! ... More »
Re: Favorite beaches in Florida     02/22/2015
@ForeCPA90: What are the ammenitites in the Siesta Key beaches? Any rental umbrellas? Thin... More »
Re: smile!!     02/22/2015
I got into a fight instead! No make up sex either. ... More »
Re: my house     02/21/2015
Just have a couple glasses of wine and you won't care about the house. ... More »
Re: would you?     02/21/2015
Just call her doctors office. The nurse on call should be able to answer your questions. Get profe... More »


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