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Shy toddlers/kids     01/06/2015
Anybody have shy /reserved children? My 2 year old is reserved around adults. She is fine with kid... More »
Re: Paper Bag Popcorn     01/06/2015
I like my air popper. But that is good to no if it ever breaks. ... More »
Re: Reality Bites     01/06/2015
@Mahm: Same here. I still like salt n peppa and EnVogue. But not the harder rap like NWA, Ic... More »
Re: Spark program     01/06/2015
@silly123: ... More »
Re: So disappointed     01/06/2015
@Mahm: Yes they have lemon potatoes. I haven't had them in a while but I remember them being ... More »
Spark program     01/06/2015
Anybody do this with there 3-5 year old? ... More »
Re: Reality Bites     01/06/2015
Love to hear some music from my high school days. But I use to like a lot of rap back then too and ... More »
Re: Hot threads     01/06/2015
Read this article on Facebook today. I thought it was very good. Men need to read this! http://ww... More »
Re: So disappointed     01/06/2015
@Elle10: Just make it myself at home. There are several places in Houston but I haven't tried... More »
Re: snow last night & more to come ........     01/06/2015
Not a snow fan. Glad we rarely get any here in Houston. I have lived in snowy states and it gets o... More »
Re: So disappointed     01/06/2015
What a bummer! I am on a Caribbean food kick right now. ... More »
Re: Exercising with a broken foot     01/06/2015
Google chair exercises. Here is a link to a long list of them. It's in PDF form, just scroll dow... More »
Re: ~ Judy Garland     01/06/2015
Very very true! Awesome quote. ... More »
Re: Hot threads     01/06/2015
@BooBear: I got some new bullets but didn't try any different toys. My rabbit or bullet work ... More »
Re: OMG the moon is incredible     01/05/2015
I hope your not still driving! ... More »
Re: Posting a lot today     01/05/2015
@alecktra: Sorry your sick. Hope it's short lived. ... More »
Re: messing around     01/05/2015
My mind goes straight to the gutter with that tittle. ... More »
Hot threads     01/05/2015
Any good hot n heavy threads to read? ... More »
Re: Showtime series     01/05/2015
@ET: Is it good to get a lady in the mood? ... More »
Re: Posting a lot today     01/05/2015
Even with all my post today, no box game! I am pissed. ... More »


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