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Re: Labor & Delivery Nurse???     01/16/2015
I had to do that project when I was in college. I am glad I did the interview. I was an English ma... More »
Re: Need to get up but it's too cold!     01/16/2015
@MTechnique: Men and their morning erection needs.   Morning time is just too early dudes... More »
Re: Weekend plans...     01/15/2015
depends on the weather.  If its nice take the dogs to the dog park and clean the garage out.If its ... More »
Re: Keruig...     01/15/2015
Nescafe instant is great!... More »
Re: Keruig...     01/15/2015
I use  to have a Keurig but i didn't use it enough and the water fill pipe got clogged up.I just dr... More »
Re: Sooooo What do you guys think     01/15/2015
@donnatella: depending on the park , booze might not be prohibited.  And you can't have fish fr... More »
Re: Sooooo What do you guys think     01/15/2015
@cgm10sne1: Dogs?  won't we start a no leash issue? ... More »
first beer sip at what age?     01/15/2015
At what age did you have your first sip of beer?  I thinki was 3 or 4 years old.  My dad u... More »
Re: CPAP machines     01/15/2015
I can't wait to use it.  I only slelpt 3 hours with the mask at the study but i woke up feeling lik... More »
Re: CPAP machines     01/15/2015
Thanks for all the tips.  I need to call my insurance and see what they cover.  All i know is i do... More »
Re: Hello...     01/15/2015
Praise the Lord!... More »
Re: Bright light!!!     01/15/2015
Gremlins- Bright lights, Bright lights... More »
CPAP machines     01/15/2015
Ok, so i got my RX for the machine and supplies.  Now to deside which one to buy.My husband has a R... More »
Re: Take Me To Church     01/15/2015
@Retired_Engineer: AMEN! ... More »
Valentines Day     01/15/2015
What do you usuallyl do for the Hallmark Holiday?We don't do much, a small gift and extra smooches. ... More »
Re: Sweet vs unsweet tea     01/15/2015
I will have to check out the British Store in Rice Village one day.  Now that i have a 2 year old i... More »
Re: Proposal for Meetup     01/15/2015
Thanks for the explanation @Fofa... More »
Re: any couponers?     01/15/2015
@Mahm: I have seen good deals on Gerber Good Start Soothe at HEB in the Clearance section and co... More »
Re: Dress Up Your Pet Day     01/14/2015
Love this tread! ... More »
Re: Irregular cycles in your 40's?     01/14/2015
My annual Gyn visit is soon. Hope she can explain. I don't want any hormone therapy. There is bre... More »


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