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Re: anyone looking?     11/29/2015
Have both considered joining the military?  You can retire in 20 years plus get college credits, co... More »
Classifieds notifications     11/28/2015
I am not getting notifications sent to my email. Anyone else have this problem? ... More »
Re: Question     11/28/2015
This thread is cunfusing.  I have had some alcohol so maybe it's me.  ... More »
Re: Where to take Christmas tree photos?     11/28/2015
find a pretty decrated yard and ask permission.  ... More »
Re: Pregnancy Q & A     11/28/2015
Funny... More »
Re: anyone looking?     11/28/2015
@Civic2648: Thanks for the laugh! ... More »
Re: Christmas decorating     11/28/2015
Anybody have some extra extension cords or timers they aren't using?  I have enough lights but just... More »
Re: Opting-out of getting unwanted Credit Card offers     11/28/2015
I recently stopped my houston chronicle subscription and everyday someone is calling me to resubscri... More »
Re: anyone looking?     11/27/2015
I am not a grammer nautzi and hate the grammer police on here but I gotta say the lack of periods in... More »
Re: Christmas decorating     11/27/2015
I don't like the elf on the shelf, its creepy and not in the true spirit.  Now an elf that leav... More »
Re: Grocery stores are INSANE this week     11/25/2015
Went to Kroger in Atascocita today, not bad at all.  ... More »
Re: ~ Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike     11/25/2015
I wanna hump today.  It's Wednesday its on my to- do list!  Lol. ... More »
Camping vacation     11/25/2015
I have never been camping. Is it an expensive vacation?... More »
Re: Thanks BBQguy     11/25/2015
What was it stuffed with?  ... More »
Re: ~ Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike     11/25/2015
Happy Thanksgiving!I really thought this was going to be a naughty thread..  ... More »
Really!!!!     11/24/2015
First four boxes were money boxes!!! Well crap didn't see that coming. ... More »
Re: Best skincare     11/24/2015
I need something for blackheads on my nose.  They are annoying and hard to get rid of.... More »
Re: Best skincare     11/24/2015
@lilmama09: what does the honey mask do? ... More »
Re: Wisdom teeth     11/24/2015
Are you into shopkins?  My 3 year old loves collecting them.  I don't get the attraction.... More »

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