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Re: Businesses Around New HEB?     05/19/2016
@Jeff1928: I agree. All those crossovers are going to be a nightmare. It is already hard enough ... More »
Re: J. Christophers, why does it suck now?     05/14/2016
We haven't noticed a difference in the food quality at J. Christophers but don't go as often because... More »
Re: World votes for US President     05/12/2016
Personally I think there is NO choice right now. Both are unsuitable candidates in my opinion and ne... More »
Re: Kirkland dog food     05/11/2016
I like Kirklands. A lot of rescues use it because it seems to be a relatively good, inexpensive food... More »
Re: Terminal C drop off is so frustrating!     05/10/2016
I have to pick up at E tonight. Ugh.... More »
Re: Cruz suspends campaign     05/04/2016
I think we are in a whole lot of trouble whoever becomes President. How sad that we could not come u... More »
Re: Vet Help!     04/27/2016
We have done the slow treatment (doxycycline and Advantage Multi or Heartgard) and 2 turned negative... More »
Re: Vet Help!     04/26/2016
I second what Lola says...There are other less expensive treatments.  Get a second opinion. &nb... More »
Re: Interesting week at my bird feeders and back yard     04/25/2016
How do you stop the squirrels from getting on the feeders?  ... More »
Re: Au Revoir Suddenlink, Bonjour Roku :)     04/23/2016
Can you do this if you have Centurylink for Internet?... More »
Re: What are they building behind Target on Townsend?     04/23/2016
They actually need to rethink building anything.  Creating a concrete jungle back there is only goi... More »
Re: Costco may raise member fees in late 2016 or in 2017     04/23/2016
@Andreweggplant: We renewed at the end of last month and they acted like they didn't know what I... More »
Light by Randall's up front is out     04/19/2016
Traffic is backed up past Woodland Hills. I guess they got their answer as to whether to take that l... More »
Let's play POWER or NO POWER     04/18/2016
Still no power despite Centerpoint sending an email hours ago about how they had quickly restored it... More »
Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
They are still turning everything around eastbound on Northpark just past the Walmart except high t... More »
Re: new HEB     04/05/2016
I am so looking forward to all the extra traffic and people trying to get across Kingwood Dr at the ... More »
Re: Door to Door Salesmen     04/05/2016
I NEVER open my door. I just don't understand why people do that.  I just let my dogs bark and they... More »
Re: Who Exactly Supports Trump?     03/26/2016
Trump scares me. In fact they all do. How sad that it has come to this.... More »
Re: 2 lost dogs     03/20/2016
If you still have not found the other dog who may be injured I suggest that you call the Animal ER b... More »

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