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Re: Low water pressure. Mills Branch. Anybody else?     07/23/2016
It has been bad all week here in the mornings. We have started running the sprinklers at 1am and sho... More »
Re: Wasted vote?     07/21/2016
It seems to me that this time, more than ever, this election will be won by the candidate who people... More »
Re: Chiro in Kingwood?     07/21/2016
I second Dannenfelser chiropractic.... More »
Re: Lost bulldog elm grove     07/19/2016
There was a yellow lab with blue collar running down Northpark at the back too today. Person who saw... More »
Re: Bear Branch Deed Restrictions     07/18/2016
I think you can do anything you want in Bear Branch judging by recent "approvals".. ... More »
Re: More Development Front Of Kingwood     07/18/2016
I want Mountasia back and the time when you could actually get out of Kingwood on either road in a t... More »
Re: Pool tags     07/10/2016
Depends on the management company for your HOA.  It is probably either KSA which is behind the Chas... More »
Re: Kingwood Drive Traffic Light Removal     07/08/2016
I just drove through there. There is room for maybe 2 cars to sit in the middle there if turning lef... More »
Re: Kingwood Drive Traffic Light Removal     07/08/2016
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. So much traffic uses those lights to enter and exit KW Dr... More »
Re: Clinton, incompetent     07/07/2016
God help us all either way.... More »
Re: Clinton, incompetent     07/07/2016
Trump, buffoon... More »
Re: There are still plenty of parking     07/04/2016
My dogs are shaking. Is it over yet?  Or are neighbors letting off fireworks illegally in COH?... More »
Re: Questions about Grocery Store Coupons     07/01/2016
Marking up is standard practice in retail. Something may be 40% off one week and 30% the next with a... More »
Re: Free alarm clock to good home     07/01/2016
We had a tree company cutting down a tree on our street at 6.45am this week. I'll trade you.... More »
Re: Farmer's Market     06/29/2016
Maybe it could stay open until 8pm? I have never been because I work. Also, maybe signage would help... More »
Re: Have you seen a neurologist?     06/28/2016
Dr David Baskin. He is on Fannin.... More »
Re: Where to donate kids clothes?     06/25/2016
I second Society of St Stephen. Or Star of Hope.  There is also a great animal related charity down... More »
Re: North Park looks hideous!     06/21/2016
I'm just as concerned with the concrete jungle that they are building at WLH and Kingwood Drive. Pre... More »
Re: suddenlink daily mulitiple faults     06/18/2016
We gave up on Suddenlink internet years ago.  It dropped every day. Centurylink has been better for... More »
Re: new to kingwood     06/16/2016
And next year get tags for all of them at the beginning of the season when they issue them.... More »

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