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Mistress     09/19/2015
@Mahm: I can respect that. I just think it's sad that you are constantly being put in a positi... More »
Mistress     09/19/2015
Honestly...aren't you tired of having to constantly defend your husband, youself, your marriage and ... More »
Mistress     09/19/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Halloween in Trailwood?     09/15/2015
I was wondering how long it would take before the horror stories of trick or treaters would start. ... More »
I kissed a Zebra 😗     09/13/2015
That place is only about 15 minutes from me! ... More »
Favorite Fall drink or meal     09/13/2015
@CBP210: Sounds good! We've never kept the hogs. ... More »
Favorite Fall drink or meal     09/12/2015
@CBP210: We have so much dove in the freezer right now! DH is dropping some off to a friend ... More »
would you live by this bc I am & no one will do anything about it     09/12/2015
@HollyHobby: Exactly. Everyone has their own crap to deal with in life. Sometimes it sucks. ... More »
would you live by this bc I am & no one will do anything about it     09/11/2015
What the hell?!?! Illness or doesn't take 15 years to clean up your shit pile. And w... More »
Stainless steel appliances....     09/07/2015
Hate to tell you...that stain probably won't come off. If it does...let me know what you used. Dishw... More »
On a lighter note...     09/04/2015
OMG I have the cutest kids on the planet! ... More »
On a lighter note...     09/04/2015
And we can't forget the wee one on her first day of preschool. [img] More »
On a lighter note...     09/04/2015
Here is a picture of my fat boy... [img] More »
Giada took it in the bucatini     09/03/2015
The title of this thread makes me so happy. :laugh:... More »
Birch Boxes     09/03/2015
I use IPSY. Same concept and price. I love it. Even if I din't love all the products each More »
HOA     09/03/2015
@harleysmom: Call and ask. Then tell them you'really working on it. Check's in the mail! ... More »
Religion question.     09/02/2015
@Brat: There are more charts on that site too. That was just the one I thought was best for ... More »
Stealth83     09/02/2015
It's all fun and games until some crazy nonsense happens. Then people start coming out of the woodwo... More »
Stealth83     09/02/2015
:scared:... More »

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