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I am Caitlyn     08/03/2015
[img] More »
My stupid cats     08/03/2015
I had an indoor cat escape once. He was gone for over a week. I believe it was closer to 2 weeks act... More »
French Onion Soup     08/01/2015
Make it yourself. It's super easy.... More »
Watermelons     07/31/2015
@Retired_Engineer: I saw a yellow one at a fruit stand just the other day!... More »
CVS call     07/30/2015
I kept getting calls from a CVS here in San Antonio that I had a prescription refill ready for pick ... More »
Childcare recs in the area?     07/24/2015
Pines Montessori is fantastic. I taught there many years ago and would send my children there in a h... More »
What would you do?     07/23/2015
I'd do just as you suggested. That way she knows you know what she did. ... More »
Celebrity Breakups     07/23/2015
@soxs mom: :laugh: Just the thought of having to live with that man gives me the willies.... More »
Bed     07/23/2015
@beadweaver: For us, it was about safety. I didn't want them to accidentally jump on top her... More »
Bed     07/23/2015
@Stealth83: Amen! I used to allow my dogs to sleep in bed. But once I had DD, that was no lo... More »
My Meat     07/22/2015
@donnatella: Cellulite? Because that's what it sounds like to me! Looks like it too!... More »
Ladies?     07/22/2015
@donnatella: I would LOVE to be able to not wear a bra without it being obscene! ... More »
My Meat     07/22/2015
@donnatella: I don't like cooking with Velveeta. The whole concept of jiggling cheese produc... More »
My Meat     07/22/2015
@donnatella: Oh I know. Sex talk just isn't my thing with people other than my husband or ve... More »
Ladies?     07/22/2015
@BooBear: That's what I was going to say. Nordstrom is fantastic about finding the right fit... More »
My Meat     07/22/2015
@bp2018: It take a bit longer than she said. Maybe 30 minutes. I always make double of the c... More »
My Meat     07/22/2015
@donnatella: thanks. ... More »
My Meat     07/22/2015
@donnatella: The OP was...... More »
Ladies?     07/22/2015
@allymansfield: Amen! Only nursing bra that actually functions as a real bra!... More »

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