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Texas Children's Pediatrics Kingwood     11/12/2014
Also...Barnhart is simply the best. But he's not taking new babies. ... More »
Texas Children's Pediatrics Kingwood     11/12/2014
We use Dr. Chin. She's the sweetest. Her go with the flow style mixes very well with me. But she'll ... More »
Guess What!!!     11/12/2014
@alecktra: DD will be 2 in a month. She's a little young to understand any of it. I tell her... More »
Black Friday     11/12/2014
We went a got a few things a couple years ago on black friday. It really wasn't bad at all. But now ... More »
Guess What!!!     11/12/2014
Thanks guys! We're thrilled! I am still so shocked. This pregnancy has so far been exactly the same ... More »
Guess What!!!     11/12/2014
:clap: [img][/img]... More »
Strange food likes......     11/09/2014
@Odin: I'm that way with pickled okra. I'll eat a whole jar if left alone with it. ... More »
Strange food likes......     11/09/2014
I do have other strange tendencies. Like how OCD I am about painting. Rarely do I let anyone else pa... More »
Candy Stores     11/09/2014
@BBQguy: But do they have this... [img] More »
Strange food likes......     11/09/2014
You people are so strange. :scared: I don't think I have any strange eating habits. But DH puts k... More »
red curry thai     11/09/2014
The health debt has written them up so many times. I wouldn't be eating there anyway.... More »
Falling Star     11/09/2014
We actally saw it from inside the house last night. Crazy!... More »
Hill Country heaven     11/05/2014
Just moved to Stone Oak today!! In a rental in a giant neighborhood for a year while we build. Looki... More »
Lady Walking Pit Bull Today     11/03/2014
He would have spit her out anyway. ... More »
He's at it again     11/03/2014
Is it wrong that i'd be more entertained if he fell?... More »
He's at it again     11/02/2014
I have absolutely zero interest in watching that.... More »
The Room mate of the Nurse in Maine has Ebola !     11/01/2014
@donnatella: True. A lot of people who have been together for a long time, but don't want to... More »
BIG mistake!     10/31/2014
I forgot to take my prilocet yesterday. Ugh! And especially when I planned on eating all my mom's Ha... More »
VERY sick dog     10/31/2014
@noel: Or a frog. My dogs have made that mistake before.... More »
Why You Should Flirt.....     10/30/2014
@donnatella: Not trying to be rude...but that's kind of a buh-humbug thing to say. Just beca... More »


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