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Pretty Rose     01/30/2015
Is that one of the kind that a&m created? ... More »
Back Talk     01/30/2015
I always try to tell Taylor (barely 2 years old) what our plans are for the day. That way she has a ... More »
OMG, We are in trouble now     01/30/2015
OMG, I need one of these! Minus all the health problems I'm sure it has/ will have. ... More »
Kingwood High School student in coma caused by Meningitis     01/29/2015
@beandawgs: so sorry it was "odd" for you to see parents grieving the loss of their child. I... More »
I need to find a new job     01/29/2015
You should make a missing sign for it and post it in the break room. Then tell them it was all you h... More »
Is it...     01/28/2015
2nd day in a row the wee one hasn't napped. Yesterday's nap was a bust for multiple reasons. Today s... More »
noisy neighbor?     01/27/2015
@angiekaye: I love a good spy! @ohhappypets and I got to spy on on someone down the street f... More »
Like I said...     01/26/2015
@ctl74: So true. I know after I called my husband bawling like a baby I felt a little goofy.... More »
Like I said...     01/26/2015
@Jpgurl: Amen! Stomping a package of Oreo's actually sounds beautifully therapeutic!! The... More »
Soooo whuts for supper? I am gonna cheat tnight     01/26/2015
Mom's making fish taco's. Yum!... More »
Annoyed!     01/26/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I agree. My dogs aren't perfect. But in this particular case...they were bei... More »
Like I said...     01/26/2015
@ctl74: Just found it ironic that people were so quick to jump all over the women in the vid... More »
Annoyed!     01/26/2015
@Stealth83: One of our old neighbor's kids was antagonizing my dogs at one point. I caught h... More »
Dog park shooting     01/26/2015
I'm a pitty lover. It's no secret! But if it's true that the "aggressor" had been removed before for... More »
Dog park shooting     01/26/2015
@uneasyrider I read that the dog that was killed was 2 years old. ... More »
Like I said...     01/26/2015
In the thread about the women caught on camera having an emotional breakdown...everyone has a breaki... More »
"Drop off" in Kingwood Glen Manor     01/23/2015
@New2kw: What did they say they were dropping off? ... More »
Epic Meltdown     01/23/2015
Everyone has a breaking point. ... More »
Women Passing gas     01/23/2015
DH has only ever heard me fart 3 times in our 9 years together. Twice it was his fault for tickling/... More »
Eggs     01/22/2015
Over medium. DH can't seem to master this. Runny yolk, NO runny white. I have to make my own eggs. A... More »

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