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Buying a new home     08/07/2015
Joanne Jester is amazing. We used her twice. We would continue to use her forever if she'd travel!!... More »
Shoes for a toddler     08/06/2015
I'll admit it. Thus far I've been a Stride Rite shoe snob for my daughter. She's due for a new pair ... More »
Baby bird dilemma     08/06/2015
@lilmama09: Yet another reason we're removing the nest as soon as they leave for winter! I d... More »
I'm Out $400     08/06/2015
I had a counter top ice maker than made small tube shaped ice. I LOVED IT! I wore that thing out whe... More »
Baby bird dilemma     08/06/2015
@buffaloglenn: I live in the hill country. The only place I could blow it off into is on my ... More »
Baby bird dilemma     08/06/2015
The others are basically just ignoring it and standing on top of it. So sad. If it's not out by ... More »
Baby bird dilemma     08/06/2015
So we have a nest of barn swallows on our back porch. This is the second set of babies that have hat... More »
Juicing     08/05/2015
@buffaloglenn: I hear what you're saying. When I think of a cleanse...I think of more like, ... More »
Juicing     08/05/2015
@kman1000: Have you talked to your dr about this? Because all the sugar in typical juices is... More »
Juicing     08/05/2015
20 lbs a month is too much. You should aim for 3 lbs a week. But sorry...juicing alone won't give yo... More »
Ob/Gyn recommendation     08/04/2015
When I lived there is used Dr. Champion with Care for Women. She is wonderful. She's very calm, whic... More »
Dutch chocolate. :homer:... More »
Dogs in front yard     08/04/2015
@foxymama: I would say no. I know personally, i'd be a little ticked if someone was putting ... More »
Kingwood post office     08/04/2015
@yankeejessica: Next time show up with your kids. I find that when I show up places with a 2... More »
What are you sick of hearing about?     08/04/2015
The traffic. ... More »
What are you sick of hearing about?     08/03/2015
@FoFa: :laugh: That's a good one!... More »
Rootbeer     08/03/2015
@BBQguy: We can agree to disagree. I am not an avid Buc-ee's evident by my mis... More »
I am Caitlyn     08/03/2015
FYI...I've had the TV on all day long and haven't heard 1 story about Caitlin or any of the Kardashi... More »
Rootbeer     08/03/2015
Buckey's has the best rootbeer on the planet. ... More »
Frustrated with Humble ISD and my G-kid's school     08/03/2015
I'm sure it's frustrating to you. But isn't all of this your kids responsibility? And not yours, as ... More »

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