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sisters     08/13/2015
@BooBear: I'm the same way with my sister. While it is none of her business what goes on... More »
sisters     08/13/2015
I would want to know. It's 100% out of line for the sister to write anything to you. Unless it's ask... More »
senior living     08/13/2015 @Lola I think this is the type of place you... More »
Warning for Everyone!!     08/12/2015
[img] More »
Called HPD on pan handlers!     08/11/2015
@PedroDePacas: LOL! My daughter says "no" to everything I offer her. This is a typical conve... More »
Is there.....     08/11/2015
The wee man has a slight respiratory infection. Should be on the downward slope of it though. ... More »
Is there.....     08/11/2015
I think so. DH and I haven't felt 100% today. DS has had a fever off and on for going on 3 days. But... More »
Turning in early tonight, last night was not good.     08/10/2015
I have a baby with a fever. This mess is for the birds! Thought it was teething. But this is night 3... More »
How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/10/2015
Give him a small container. Like a shot glass. When he starts crying like that...tell him he needs t... More »
Why is women's makeup sold in such tiny bottles?     08/09/2015
For real though...make up spoils. Even lipsticks and powders spoil over time. So to answer your ... More »
Beautiful starry night     08/09/2015
It was a beautiful night here in the hill country. I only got to enjoy about 5 minutes of it though.... More »
daycare made my granddaughter     08/08/2015
Are you sure they forced her, or could they have suggested it to her and encouraged her to try it on... More »
Neighbors green pool     08/08/2015
@meHanni: You'd have to use a lot of tabs for that. You're better off throwing a few lbs of ... More »
Help!! Cut off date for Kindergarten     08/08/2015
As a former private school teacher, I know it's almost always best to be the oldest in the class, ra... More »
Help!! Cut off date for Kindergarten     08/07/2015
Kindergarten isn't required in Texas. So if they don't make an exception for your child (they probab... More »
Questions about high school sports     08/07/2015
Not really sure what you're talking about. There were a few "big" girls on the dance team at my scho... More »
Neighbors green pool     08/07/2015
HOA first. Then the health debt if HOA won't make them fix it. ... More »
Buying a new home     08/07/2015
Joanne Jester is amazing. We used her twice. We would continue to use her forever if she'd travel!!... More »
Shoes for a toddler     08/06/2015
I'll admit it. Thus far I've been a Stride Rite shoe snob for my daughter. She's due for a new pair ... More »
Baby bird dilemma     08/06/2015
@lilmama09: Yet another reason we're removing the nest as soon as they leave for winter! I d... More »

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