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So whatcha fixin for SUPPER tonight?     01/28/2016
Sketty. One of the few things everyone will eat.... More »
Ever been on a committee...     01/28/2016
Have you tried telling her to her face that you have an issue with the way things are going? Ask her... More »
So what are ya fixin for supper tonight?     01/26/2016
White bean chicken chili. Never had it before, not sure if it'll be a hit or not. We'll see.... More »
Permanent Makeup - anyone tried?     01/25/2016
I have a relative who has permanent eye liner. It looks great. She's had it for years. ... More »
It's a little chilly out tonight....,     01/22/2016
@Weathergirl5: The wind was crazy here yesterday. Dang near blew my toddler away!... More »
Pho?     01/22/2016
Pho ann 2 on 1960 is good. Good ethnic food is one thing we do not have out here. I miss it soooo mu... More »
It's a little chilly out tonight....,     01/22/2016
It's 40 here but the sun is out. Hopefully it warm up a bit so I can get the wee ones outside to pla... More »
It's a little chilly out tonight....,     01/22/2016
@donnatella: My grandpa says "colder than a witches titty in a brass bra". :laugh: ... More »
How do you like your bacon?     01/21/2016
@deltadawn: My husband likes floppy bacon. :gross:... More »
New Baby Gift Basket     01/21/2016
Something else I find helpful are extra tubs for diapers and wipes. I just use clear shoe box sized ... More »
New Baby Gift Basket     01/21/2016
@Nicole4647: The nosefrieda is gross, but infants can't breathe through their mouths. The no... More »
New Baby Gift Basket     01/20/2016
I also recommend a medicine tub. New mom's don't typically realize how quickly they will need gas dr... More »
Not moving yet     01/20/2016
@foxymama: That will be so nice for you all I'm sure!... More »
Not moving yet     01/20/2016
Will this new position mean less traveling? ... More »
I see you there buddy     01/20/2016
There's a herd of axis that live in the field next to our house. They rarely make themselves known. ... More »
Popcorn     01/19/2016
@CC1974: It's out here in the hill country. And it's awesome! One of my favorites is their c... More »
Popcorn     01/19/2016
Yes! We have a little mom and pop store here calls Popcorn Friday. It's the most incredible place! T... More »
Lost Yellow Lab     01/18/2016
Check the 2 dogs found on millsbranch thread.... More »
Baby Milestones     01/18/2016
@foxymama: Meat is an issue for Tay also. I have ever found that she will eat just about any... More »
Baby Milestones     01/18/2016
@foxymama: She's doing good! Her speech and understanding has exploded! But so has her littl... More »

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