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Re: boxer running around south woodland hills     02/05/2016
I don't know if it is the same dog but my teenager was walking our dog on a leash and a lose boxer r... More »
Re: TWIC card     02/05/2016
BTW you can use it to get hotel discounts..just ask for government discount and I have been told, al... More »
Re: Buffalo Wings     01/04/2016
Boil wings for 10 to 15 minutesPut them in over at 450 fro 30 minutes Turn them over then 20 more m... More »
Re: New Year - Juicing?     01/03/2016
The juice will have a tremendous amount of sugar in it naturally however it is still sugar.   The e... More »
Re: Downtown Humble     01/02/2016
Chez Nous has won a great many National Dining awards and has been in the Top 100 Restaurants In Ame... More »
Re: New Year - Juicing?     01/02/2016
Problem with juicing is there is almost always way too much sugar in a single serving weather you do... More »
Re: No sugar challenge     10/18/2015
Here is a List of sugars and all there sneaky names.  Many of these are in the ingredients list and... More »
Re: Has anyone seen this new construction.....     09/09/2015
Just because it has a metal frame and large does not mean it will not be nice looking.  If the pers... More »
Re: Should she be defended so much?     09/01/2015
Most likely the authorities will look into it and if there is a history of issues with the kids, the... More »
Re: Automotive Machine shop     09/01/2015
@saltwaterfisherman: Mast Motor Sports..a little bit of a driven but very good work.http://www.m... More »
Re: Car looters in Kingwood     09/01/2015
@lisapisabobisa: After watching the videos a couple times I think you may be right, however "cle... More »
Re: Car looters in Kingwood     09/01/2015
One of our cars were gone through in Woodland hills as well.  These people in this video are very s... More »
Re: Shoot me now!     11/18/2014
All Common core states AlabamaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict of Colum... More »
Re: Shoot me now!     11/18/2014
Here is a link with different findings and a little more in depth analysis More »
Re: Shoot me now!     11/18/2014
Education Rankings By StateEducation Rankings By StateMassachusettsNew JerseyVermontIndianaColoradoH... More »
Re: Shoot me now!     11/18/2014 Little unknow Bill s... More »
Re: Pool people: Question     11/18/2014
You can adjust the vales on the pool so you get minimum pull through your skimmers and all through t... More »
Re: This Is All Kinds Of Wrong!!     11/18/2014
I am a little confused, why the hell people would raise money for any piece of garbage that would ri... More »
Re: Traffic light cameras     10/14/2014
I have gotten those idiotic mails from these cameras several times over the years.  I have never pa... More »

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