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Re: Lularoe Clothing     09/25/2016
Donnatella,Most of the parties a very low or no pressure.  At least our are.  Just seems like a bu... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/25/2016
Sorry Sir My Bad!!!  I did miss read..... More »
Re: Lularoe Clothing     09/25/2016
My Wife sells LulaRoe.  Good quality and very comfortable from what I am told :-)  Really ... More »
Re: Self Defence     09/25/2016
Too bad she was not a better shot :-( ... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/25/2016
Surprise is right... I read several articles right after it happened that kept saying he appears to ... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/25/2016
@Jeff1928Please stop using words like "precept and "tenet"  I am having a hard time following your ... More »
Re: Another reason NOT to elect Trump...think it over!!     09/25/2016
This is almost comical to read... so the Government is suggesting that some in Government give up co... More »
Re: Another Terrorist Attack     09/24/2016
I am not telling any one how to raise their family but your son will be equipped to protect himself ... More »
Re: Political Correctness, invades everything     09/20/2016
@Retired_Engineer: RE it should now be called UNCOMMON SENSE ... More »
Re: Pool chemical questions     07/18/2016
The Chemicals mostly likely will not hurt anything but make your eyes a little irritated.   The wat... More »
Re: Where is left to swim??     07/12/2016
Red Eyes and Chlorine smell are typically associated with not enough chlorine in the water contrary ... More »
Re: Health Insurance (expletives)     07/06/2016
You could check out Christian Healthcare Ministries. I found the idea ... More »
Re: You would think.... (work vent)     06/30/2016
From the Texas Workforce Commision Accrued Leave Payouts Payouts of accrued leave are required und... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/29/2016
I highly recommend a book by Dan Miller called 48 Days to the work you Love.  Lots of great informa... More »
Re: Dignified Protesters     06/22/2016
Bunch of idiots who need to be removed from office.  Our government has descended into a bunch of u... More »
Re: Another mass terrorist shooting     06/12/2016
@Stealth83: Agreed Stealth... and it looks like 50 dead and 53 wounded.   ... More »
Re: Travel trailer/ RV lifestyle     06/09/2016
Rent one a couple time and you will get a feel for the things and what you want and don't want/need.... More »
Re: Go Fund Me for Local Antique Store     06/09/2016
@TEXANSCHICK: And yes I think if he/she has a bunch of negative crap to run off with the mouth a... More »
Re: Go Fund Me for Local Antique Store     06/07/2016
@Stealth83: No it is not your problem if you do not want it to be...Don't understand comments li... More »

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