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Re: My parents are gonna be mad at me     07/09/2016
[/quote] @dollhouse71: It was a great concert. Very fun energy. Sometimes w all the bad going... More »
Re: My parents are gonna be mad at me     07/09/2016
I went to see the Molly Ringwalds last night, too. And, i made the mistake of telling my Gram in our... More »
Re: One or two, but not all of them please     06/24/2016
I have some adult books, and I'll be by that area tomorrow. I'll try to remember to drop them More »
Re: Found dog     06/07/2016
Great job, Lola. She's beautiful.... More »
Re: Recommend Movers?     04/08/2016
I third using Apple movers. I've used them twice and they've been great.... More »
Re: "Moe's Southwest Grill" Opening In Atascocita     02/26/2016
Yeah, I think so. I'll have to see if I still like it now that I've lived in TX for 6 years and trul... More »
Re: "Moe's Southwest Grill" Opening In Atascocita     02/26/2016
When I lived in Raleigh, NC I loved Moe's Grill. I'm excited. :-)Erica... More »
Re: Dear headache     02/01/2016
Yes I have, but i always have a tough time when stuff starts growing. Need to remember to start taki... More »
Re: X-Files Tonight     01/24/2016
Watching it on Hulu tomorrow. I was obsessed with the X-Files when it was on originally.Erica... More »
Re: Anyone use a great pet sitter in Kingwood they have used for a long time?     01/17/2016
@cindysthpw: I don't know what kind of advertising Scott does, but he's also a member of Petsitt... More »
Re: Helicopter?     10/22/2015
I hope that everybody is ok. I'd noticed sirens before the helicopter hovered, but didn't think much... More »
Helicopter?     10/22/2015
Why is there a helicopter hovering over WLH and Kingwood?... More »
Re: Coping with the loss of a beloved pet     08/29/2015
[img] More »
Re: Coping with the loss of a beloved pet     08/28/2015
I'm so sorry for your loss, and I totally understand.I lost my Caesar, 10.5 years old, the day after... More »
Re: Gall Bladder Removal - Best General Surgeon     02/28/2015
Dr. Villafani is fabulous. He did my mother's breast cancer surgery, and a couple of other ones on h... More »
Re: rigos review     02/08/2015
I've eaten inside the restaurant once and ordered delivery once. Inside, the food was good and the s... More »
Re: Pittsburgh     12/30/2014
If you get a chance, go to Wings, Suds and Spuds, by the airport, for wings. They're awesome!... More »
Re: in need of hugs     12/27/2014
I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how difficult it is to lose your mother, especially during the ho... More »
Re: Hulu Plus     10/12/2014
I have both Netflix and Hulu Plus, and I don't have cable.  I use Hulu Plus for recent TV.  It sho... More »
Re: Teen Arrested at Kingwood Skate Park     06/05/2014
I assumed when they built the community center that it would be a great place for seniors and kids.... More »

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