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Re: Bacon     11/17/2013 [img... More »
Re: Bacon     11/17/2013
@WJo:   I disagree.  It's good for the soul of all the little fat kids that want to di... More »
Re: FYI Spouse was confronted in parking lot at mall off 1960.     11/17/2013
@MsThang:    I'm glad your spouse wasn't hurt nor did he lose his paycheck.  Did he report i... More »
Tree Stump grinding recommendations     11/17/2013
@Sniper12: Unfortunately my trailer is occupied with a jetski at the moment.... More »
Re: Deep thoughts     11/16/2013
@cgm10sne1:   Try   I almost always find the best deals for books on... More »
Re: Deep thoughts     11/16/2013
I have every Jack Handy book that has published sitting in my coffee table drawer.... More »
Re: Joan Jet vs Pink fist fight who wins?     11/16/2013
 I'm with Jax.  I hate commenting BUT...    Pink is one TOUGH girl.  I'm pretty sure she is qui... More »
Re: Tree Stump grinding recommendations     11/16/2013
@cgm10sne1: Kingwood Mulch and Soils ... More »
Tree Stump grinding recommendations     11/16/2013
  I have an area of roots in my yard that I need to have ground out.  Does anybody have any recomm... More »
Re: Y'all are rich, right?     11/15/2013
@topcat: Free stuff?  ...suuuuuure!    You voted for Obama right?  Cause that's what it's a... More »
Re: diverdude.....     11/14/2013
@elguapo  I have been offshore. I did start a new career.  I am now doing ROVs instead of diving.... More »
whatcha doin this weekend?     11/02/2013
"Same thing we do every day, Pincky. Try to take over the world! "... More »
My Halloween rant...     11/02/2013
I spent $50 in candy. It has gotten expensive. ... More »
Mint Bank Robbery in Kingwood Today!     11/02/2013
It seems that Kingwood has become a high hit area for bank robberies. ... More »
When is Steak and BJ Day?     11/02/2013
Fridays... More »
double rape tonight in Kingwood!!!!     10/18/2013
I wish it said that he resisted arrest. Meth... What's with all the Meth lately? Hopefully... More »
Re: Autumn     10/15/2013
Re: I WON THE BOX GAME ON ADC!!!     10/15/2013
   Sounds like an excuse for a beer meet up!   ...except that I am going offshore.... More »
Re: Autumn     10/15/2013
[img] More »
Re: New Sammy Hagar CD Releases Today     10/15/2013
[youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube... More »

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