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Re: honesty...     12/25/2013
Trust is not something that I give away. I trust that people will do whatever is in "their" best in... More »
What did Santa bring you?     12/25/2013
I'll get to watch The Chtistmas Story on television. ...after my work day.... More »
I lost my baby today...     12/24/2013
Sorry to hear. ... More »
Holiday Drinking     12/24/2013
Mmmmmm. I'd take a drink right now!... More »
honesty...     12/21/2013
If someone liad to you, then admitted later that they had liad to you, would you ever feel comfortab... More »
congrats Haybugg!     12/19/2013
Congratulations @Haybugg! I hope it's as enjoyable as you hope it to be. :smile:... More »
The fox says     12/17/2013
I'd think all people on YouTube are crazy. Obviously I wouldn't have to say anything. Is a given ... More »
My husky came home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     12/17/2013
@TexasBarbieDoll: WoooHoooo!!!!! Gooood news! You know what else is good? Pum... More »
Found at the Porter Wal-Mart     12/07/2013
Why would anybody marry their cousin? You are ALREADY family. Save the money. That's what I te... More »
Gave me a little laugh today.     12/06/2013
ha... More »
2,000 mice dropped on Guam by parachute     12/03/2013
@KTownTexican: I'm going that what they've got for a total of all the years attempt. ... More »
We need a meetup     12/03/2013
Awwhhhh, ... and I'm going offshore. A Movie Tavern night would have been fun. ... More »
Tree Stump grinding recommendations     12/03/2013
@Retired_Engineer: I did. Thanks. My yard looks a lot better. I still a lot left to do not... More »
Re: How many of you     12/03/2013
@Haybugg:   Not me.  I'm quote thankful for the modern technology.  I get enough of that when... More »
Re: Tree Stump grinding recommendations     12/03/2013
I just wanted to leave an update of how my tree stump grinding went.    I tried to reach TNT but h... More »
Re: Christmas ornaments...     12/03/2013
[img][/im... More »
Re: Christmas ornaments...     12/03/2013
[img] More »
Re: Christmas ornaments...     12/03/2013
[img][/img]... More »
Re: Christmas ornaments...     12/03/2013
I ran across this and thought it was funny. [img] More »
Re: Christmas ornaments...     12/03/2013
Would you hang this on your tree?[img] More »

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