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Re: Chantix     10/15/2012
I took it and the only issues I had was a little nausea the first few days and weird dreams.  Been ... More »
Good realtor     10/15/2012
Either Roland Duhon or his wife Donna . They are both wonderful to work with and will take good care... More »
Re: Dog Walk - Oct 14     10/12/2012
I will be there gotta be back in time to drop Cass and Anko off to Jamie to brush them out! ... More »
twyla's dogs     10/06/2012
@lola anyone interested in Wally ? Tamara went with her new family today yippee !... More »
Re: An important message to the Admin...     10/05/2012
@kingwooddiscgolf that is exactly what I was thinking!... More »
Re: my favorite possession     10/04/2012
It is BMW so you know it is going to cost.... More »
Re: Dog Walkin' Weather!!!     10/04/2012
@lola how is Piper doing with the barking?... More »
Re: Dog Walkin' Weather!!!     10/04/2012
I am in, I need to walk mine before I take them to the kennel.  Fly out at 3:00 for Chicago busines... More »
Re: Lost Dogs     10/04/2012
They used to tattoo AKC registration numbers on the dogs prior to microchipping.  Chipping makes mo... More »
Re: Wally needs a home     10/03/2012
Wally is very affectionate and has a lot of personality packed into that little body too!... More »
SOA rumored spoiler....     09/26/2012
Loved it when Gemma said to Tara what are you gonna do kill me? Tara replies matter of factly "no b... More »
Re: I do not like     09/19/2012
Yeah I have a feeling there is a backstory on the pimp too-can't wait to see what happens!... More »
Re: Wally needs a home     09/19/2012
I don't believe he has any maltese in him at all but he is one cute little guy.  He does great with... More »
Re: My new Foster Tamara     09/11/2012
@xjamiex: I must be a glutton for punishment huh?  She is actually really good, I think she may be... More »
Re: Making Progress!!     09/11/2012
How pretty!  Love the quilt pattern. ... More »
Re: My new Foster Tamara     09/10/2012
@rmill34 oh yeah-that can definitely happen!  I used to roller blade with one and that was way scar... More »
Re: SOA!     09/10/2012
Can't wait!  ... More »
Re: My new Foster Tamara     09/10/2012
@rmille34 thank you-she is really sweet.  I actually have a playdate tomorrow with a potential, fin... More »
Re: My new Foster Tamara     09/10/2012
@GoldenGirl yes I actually have another not in the picture!  It is funny people are amazed when I w... More »
Re: Finally running again...     09/10/2012
I had started the 10K trainer app two months ago, haven't ran in years, but needed to get off my but... More »

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