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Re: Precinct 4 Constable's Office Investigating Theft     07/20/2016
Smoking and barefoot!  Nice!  So classy!... More »
Re: Crockpot today     07/19/2016
How are you liking Atlanta so far?  What area are you in?  My father lived in Stockbridge, and my ... More »
Re: Recommendation for roofing     07/18/2016
You should never do business with someone requiring money up front.  Wesco gave the quote, did the ... More »
Re: Recommendation for roofing     07/18/2016
@tthaiAgree, I used Wesco, a realtor friend recommended, they were awesome.  Will use them again ha... More »
Re: master bath remodel     07/16/2016
Agree totally-every home show you watch, the biggest return on your investment is your kitchen and t... More »
Re: Cheapest Drugs     07/05/2016
I have heard Costco too and you do not have to have a membership to use the pharmacy.... More »
Re: DW is not to keen on taking the black lab home yet.     06/30/2016
I foster both puppies and adults, why anyone wants a puppy over an already trained dog is beyond me!... More »
Re: Emaciated husky needs a foster     06/29/2016
Great job @lola!  He will gain once he is happy in a home.  Please make sure they understand husky... More »
Re: Fireworks and pets PSA     06/28/2016
https://www.chewy.comcarries it and they generally have cheaper prices on a lot of things.... More »
Re: Tanner needs a foster     06/27/2016
@Retired_Engineer  I am the crazy husky lady!   This is actually a light load, I had back ... More »
Re: Well I may get a dog out of this trip     06/27/2016
You should take the dog if he is willing to give it away because of that.  If he startled the puppy... More »
Re: Tanner needs a foster     06/27/2016
I sure wish fosters were willing to give animals time to adjust.  Sometimes it is very frustrating ... More »
Re: Emaciated husky needs a foster     06/15/2016
Sorry-have two right now or I would!... More »
Re: Heartworm medication for dogs     06/14/2016
Revolution is a topical treatment for fleas, heartworms, and ear mites.  That is the only topical o... More »
Re: Found dog     06/07/2016
When I pulled my last foster with six puppies from MCAS, she was shivering in the corner of the kenn... More »
Re: Found dog     06/07/2016
Love seeing her relaxing inside where she belongs.  You can tell she was someone's pet, how she got... More »
Re: Found dog     06/06/2016
She doesn't look scared!  Great job ladies!  Thank you for not giving up!... More »
Re: Found dog     06/06/2016
I saw her yesterday cross the canal and go over by the church.  Trap was open, so raccoon must have... More »
Re: Packing it up for a Florida trip     05/23/2016
totally agree with @ForeCPA90 born and raised in Tampa, still have family there.  Acropolis is real... More »
Re: Dryer issues     05/23/2016
I had to have West Houston Dryer Vent cleaning come out as mine was so clogged (it vents thru the ro... More »

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