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Re: Packing it up for a Florida trip     05/23/2016
totally agree with @ForeCPA90 born and raised in Tampa, still have family there.  Acropolis is real... More »
Re: Dryer issues     05/23/2016
I had to have West Houston Dryer Vent cleaning come out as mine was so clogged (it vents thru the ro... More »
Re: BEWARE OF BREEDER!     05/20/2016
No reputable breeder should be taking pups from mom at six weeks and selling them.  They still need... More »
Re: Dogs HATE Hugs     04/28/2016
I totally disagree-some dogs may not like hugs, but I have several that I know do.... More »
Re: Dinner for One     04/28/2016
I believe the idea is to offer something healthy-opposed to fast food, that is also quick, easy, and... More »
Re: Au Revoir Suddenlink, Bonjour Roku :)     04/20/2016
Got rid of mine in January, best decision ever.  Roku on my tvs and hi-def antennas for local chann... More »
Re: my puppy won't stop biting us !!!     04/14/2016
Sticks are great cheap entertainment!... More »
Re: my puppy won't stop biting us !!!     04/14/2016
With six foster puppies in the house, I have lots of chewing, scratching etc to correct.  They even... More »
Re: Recommend Movers?     04/08/2016
I used Ever Ready Movers twice and was very happy with the price and the work.... More »
Re: Landscaping suggestion     04/07/2016
Lantana is toxic to dogs, don't recommend it if you have pets that have access.... More »
Re: National Puppy Day     03/23/2016
My sweet Naughty Norah ... More »
Re: As Seen on TV     03/21/2016
I love my spin mop-I wore the first bucket out and it stopped spinning, bought another.  I don't to... More »
Re: Flakey dog rescue groups?     03/21/2016
Twyla's is a fantastic all breed rescue locally run in Kingwood.  You cannot deal with a better gro... More »
Re: Missing puppy husky mix     03/15/2016
The reason why I won't use a sitter, mine go to the kennel.  I have 4 huskies and I just know one o... More »
Re: Missing puppy husky mix     03/15/2016
Always have a tag on your baby and get them chipped!  Social media rocks, but identification is bes... More »
Re: My new most respected profession..     03/01/2016
Yeah I am thinking of getting a quote from ground zero floors, they do dustless tile removal.  i do... More »
Re: Pediatric GI Doctor     02/29/2016
Dr Howard Hamat -  I see him for Crohn's and I see teens in there when I am ... More »
Need fosters or adopters!     03/26/2015
If you or anyone you know is interested in fostering or adopting 10 week old husky mix puppy(ies), p... More »
Re: roofing company     01/29/2015
I used Wesco as well and was very satisfied.  They don't take credit cards, have to pay in cash, at... More »
Re: Artistic Christmas Ornaments?     12/16/2014
Have you checked Etsy?... More »

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