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Women's reactions to a big....     05/20/2013
I am surprised Kdc has not taken this vid down. I don't know any man in his right mind that would ... More »
Need a fake id???     05/20/2013
I'll take 3! Sure will come in handy messing back at the people who accuse me of being someone else... More »
KFC     05/20/2013
Don't like KFC I like churches. KFC doesn't cook the chicken enough for me. ... More »
7:30 pm on Saturday, the place should be packed     05/19/2013
Don't get over that way to eat much. ... More »
Numbers 1-27     05/19/2013
Pick boxes 2 , 8 , 14, 19, 23... More »
who do people say you look like?     05/19/2013
Not anyone famous but I get people calling me by another name and swearing I am that person they kno... More »
What do you do????     05/19/2013
I am not in to confrontation so I would get what I need and move along to the next isle, or whateve... More »
Re: New, for breakfast     05/18/2013
[/quote] @Zephard: Not sure what company makes it but I know waffle vodka exists. For the re... More »
Re: What to do with large mirrors?     05/18/2013
@ajdasilva: I read where you were given several uses on a serious note for decor, and twice sugg... More »
Re: Looking for a part time job this summer. Any ideas?     05/18/2013
Try best buy, any store in the mall, bed bath and beyond. ... More »
Re: New, for breakfast     05/18/2013
@Heathur: Waffles and chicken?  LOL ... More »
Re: The watch     05/18/2013
The trailer above is a major spoiler.  I didn't see a trailer before watching the film so got to se... More »
Re: 0 out of 5     05/18/2013
I get excited when I get one right.  That is some sad ....  ... More »
Re: Does anyone Bing?     05/18/2013
Firefox users in this house.  mostly. ... More »
Re: New, for breakfast     05/18/2013
Not a  big poptart fan.  Waffles for me.  ... More »
Re: Anxiety Relief for Pets     05/18/2013
We have a thundershirt for each of our dogs.   It works for the big one but so does any piece of c... More »
Re: Who else got a personal message     05/18/2013
I don't get personal messages from people I don't know.  They figure I bite and they would be right... More »
Re: smoke!     05/18/2013
Lots of people going to get sick from the smoke in the air.  ... More »
Re: Kingwood Highschool that bad??     05/18/2013
Every High School in America has bad kids, good kids, weird kids, bullies, druggies and more.  It a... More »

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