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Re: Kanga pools, Anthony and Sylvan, Regal pools     05/30/2013
@N+T: LOL that is what  I get for posting questions on here.  The shower has been taken care o... More »
Kanga pools, Anthony and Sylvan, Regal pools     05/29/2013
Any one have input on these companies? Anyone have any inside connections to get me a good deal? T... More »
Re: My Last Post     05/28/2013
@ruk72: I missed it too. ... More »
My Last Post     05/28/2013
It is me I am in love with silly and keep sending things that make it look like we are hooking up so... More »
Re: Oil companies     05/27/2013
I worked at Hydril before Tenaris bought us, then sold us to GE.  I left GE to go to the company I ... More »
Man! I logged in and     05/27/2013
Popularity is all it. Lol... More »
Oil companies     05/27/2013
The list has a lot but also leaves out some like the ones I mentioned and Fofa mentioned. ... More »
Re: Oil companies     05/27/2013
@Retired_Engineer: I knew I could count on you.  Thanks man. ... More »
Oil companies     05/27/2013
Looking for a list of Oil companies  within 40 min commute of Kingwood for Engineering work.&nb... More »
Most Famous Posters of past?     05/27/2013
I remember all the ones listed. Do these people that stop posting move away or gets lives? Lol. ... More »
Shower pan question     05/26/2013
No cracks or door problems, so that's at least good. ... More »
Shower pan question     05/26/2013
Complete pan, no tile all plastic and glass builder grade. ... More »
If you were putting in a pool     05/26/2013
Would you concrete all the way to the house or leave some space between the back of the houses found... More »
Shower pan question     05/26/2013
We have one of those stand up showers with the glass enclosure around it. The bottom (pan) has lowe... More »
Good sprinkler system company     05/26/2013
Thank you ... More »
Good sprinkler system company     05/25/2013
Any recommendations for one that is good value and great work?   I only need them in the front and... More »
Re: Found Hawk     05/25/2013
That is a red tail hawk.  Saw a kite the other day.  Cool! ... More »
Re: Seeking New Family Member     05/25/2013
Please check out   I am ashamed at some of the responses given on here.  Three anim... More »
Re: How to get wax out of clothes?     05/25/2013
After reading another thread where there was a bit to much TMI for me, I wasn't expecting you to hav... More »
Re: Married Ladies?     05/25/2013
The Mrs. don;t like to cook but she sure likes to .... well.  I won't talk about my lovely wife lik... More »

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