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Re: Prayers needed     11/04/2015
Praying for you everyday!!... More »
Re: Dog Breeds That Get Lost the Most     11/04/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: I agree this is slanted to the popular breeds...  Everyone know the Husky are... More »
Re: HERO ordinance is defeated by voters     11/04/2015
It opens the door for pervs in my opinion.  I can't imagine anyone with daughters wanting this to p... More »
Re: Trick or Treat and RAIN!     10/29/2015
@Retired_Engineer: My house too !!!  every time the doorbell rings 3 dogs go nuts and we have t... More »
Re: Trick or Treat and RAIN!     10/29/2015
I'm locking up and going to the movies... since my kids have moved out I am just not into it....... More »
Re: graduation gift ideas?     10/29/2015
I buy really cool laundry bags and fill them up with laundry supplies, soap, dryer sheets, roll of q... More »
Re: humble guns female employee     10/29/2015
@tatertot58: So he does not HAVE to look elsewhere??? really???  That is a little harsh...&nb... More »
Re: So who is having bacon for breakfast?     10/28/2015
@FoFa: that's my kind of salad!!! ... More »
Towne Center Family Practice - by Walgreens     10/28/2015
Finally felling better after seeing Melissa Young...  Not afraid to hook you up with some good meds... More »
Re: A gift from the cat     10/28/2015
Your house too???  I had two dead squirrels this morning... One looks really weird like a flying sq... More »
Re: My new Kayak     10/26/2015
I would do it in a heartbeat !!!   Looks like fun !!... More »
Re: Just saw this - Missing teen     10/26/2015
near Lake Houston in the Kingwood area, you would think they could be more specific.....Pray they fi... More »
Re: Do your neighbors let their dogs bark all day and night?     10/26/2015
@Auctioneer: @chrisinkingwoodsorry that was me not auctioeer ... More »
Re: Big ol dead feral hog laying on KIngwood drive     10/26/2015
Sorry - the above post is me, NOT auctioneer !!!!! ... More »
Re: Under the Glenn dead?     10/26/2015
sorry - I have when I post as my old man !!!!  lol... More »
Re: Do your neighbors let their dogs bark all day and night?     10/26/2015
My dogs are mostly indoors.  I let them out in the mornings to potty and they run the fence line an... More »
Re: Under the Glenn dead?     10/26/2015
@kingwooddiscgolf: WE think alike..  That was my first thought as well...... ... More »
Re: Play Dead     10/22/2015
shark???????... More »
Re: Everyone at work is coughing...     10/22/2015
I have had exactly what you are talking about for over a week now...  I went to the Doctor on day o... More »
Re: Ladies, hose or bare legs?     10/22/2015
I am a NO hose kind of girl... UNLESS we are talking some type of special occasion that I would want... More »

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