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Dogs vs Cats     12/16/2015
Here is my cat Paul. [img][/img]... More »
Re: Dogs vs Cats     12/16/2015
too funny !!  I have always had dogs and I really do LOVE them.. But I gotta say right now I have t... More »
Re: 12 Days Contest -- Day 10 Winner     12/16/2015
NICE, I wanted that one !!!!... More »
Re: Auction Double Header Weekend... ** Approved     12/16/2015
@QueenB: I KNOW !!!!  I don't even have a daughter !!!!!  ... More »
Re: Auction Double Header Weekend... ** Approved     12/16/2015   can you please correct my post... Saturdays auction is 7:00 with viewing at 6:00.... More »
Re: Santa and Reindeer at the top of the page     12/16/2015
Those reindeer look drunk....  How perfect is that???... More »
Re: Missing Asian mom/grand mother?     12/16/2015
Can she do pedicures???   OMG I am sorry - I'm going to hell for that one !!... More »
Re: Car Lot on Northpark (Propane) Stolen Truck     12/16/2015
@Steven H: Thanks for the information, I know he is a great guy we have bought and sold several ... More »
Car Lot on Northpark (Propane) Stolen Truck     12/16/2015
I know it is a longshot, but we had a truck for sale on this lot and it was stolen last night, Tuesd... More »
Re: Northpark     12/16/2015
@Jpgurl: I knew I liked you !!!!  Love it ... More »
Re: Donnatella     12/16/2015
@cgm10sne1: That would apply to a lot of us !!!!  lol ... More »
Auction Double Header Weekend... ** Approved     12/16/2015
Texas Auctioneers          *** approved*****20848 HWY 59 S New Caney TX 77357 ... More »
Re: Christmas Decorating Contest     12/15/2015
@CMB: Love this !!   ... More »
Re: Your Christmas present drone will now need to be registered     12/15/2015
Well, they have been selling good at the auction... We have more Friday night....... More »
Re: Hilliary is out thank god!     12/15/2015
I'm lost......... More »
Re: 12 Days Contest -- Day 8 Winner     12/14/2015
Congrats!!... More »
Re: Hiding Money in the House     12/11/2015
The freezer is actually now a common place to look , however if you ever have a fire it is kind of a... More »
Re: I hate a thief.Heads up neighbors!     12/11/2015
You would think the UPS guy could call the cops or get the lic plate?????... More »
Re: Lucky the yorkie     12/11/2015
A humping tendency......   I thought all males had that issue, men more so than canines... lol... More »
Re: car salesmen     12/10/2015
@yankeejessica: I didn't just bump it either.....  I was trying to do 100 things at once, over ... More »

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