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Move Review - Trainwreck     07/21/2015
OMG TWO thumbs up from me..   I thought it was very funny....   BEWARE if you are easily offende... More »
Re: WTH????     07/21/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Well, I think you mentioned your AC was out.... so I guess it involved sweating.... More »
Re: OMG! There truly are no words....     07/20/2015
I don't even know what to say......  ... More »
Re: WTH????     07/20/2015
@donnatella: sounds like I missed quite the party !!!! ... More »
WTH????     07/20/2015
The site is soooo quiet today, you guys all still hungover from @Mahms party????  lol... More »
Re: Random downpour     07/17/2015
raining at WLH and Kingwood Drive right now... More »
Re: OMG.....its seriously SERIOUS around here now     07/17/2015
I feel your pain !!!... More »
Tonights (Friday 7-17) Auction Link - Ad Approved by     07/17/2015 Approved -   Ad -   Paid SponsorSorry I didn't post earlier.....   It ... More »
Re: twin bedroom set shopping     07/17/2015
@HollyHobby: No but we post the link.. I did not post it this week.  I will post a thread now..... More »
Re: twin bedroom set shopping     07/17/2015
We don't always have them at our auctions, but when we do they go really cheap.  We also have a goo... More »
Re: Abandoned Dog     07/17/2015
@lola: good looking dog !!  I will say as a owner of my second shih tzu you can groom these guy... More »
Re: are we really this stupid?     07/17/2015
I can only guess this stems from Crazy Lawsuits.  Come on people we are turning into a bunch of wor... More »
Re: Portion of Austin Lowes closed ahead of search for missing cobra     07/17/2015
@HotterThanYou: I actually like snakes, but I totally agree with you.  WTH would ANYONE need a ... More »
Re: Gyms in the KW area???     07/17/2015
Depends what you are looking for and how much you want to pay.  My son loves Golds Gym.  He can af... More »
Re: Prayers to the families of the Marines killed and for those shot today in TN     07/17/2015
We need to elect someone that will allow our armed forces to be armed.....  What a freaking concept... More »
Re: Coyote sighting in Hunters Ridge     07/17/2015
It is sooo awesome to see Kingwood still has some wildlife.  I hope we stop leveling the land.  I ... More »
Re: It's Official -Duggars are Off the Air     07/16/2015
I really don't have a pronlem with them having that many kids if they can afford them.  I will say ... More »
Re: Best Happy Hour     07/16/2015
I like Roadhouse - great drink specials and appetizers half off..... More »
Re: Abandoned Dog     07/16/2015
@GoldenGirl: oops  Shih tzu not Shi* tzu !!!  lol ... More »
Re: Reverse Mortgages     07/16/2015
I would avoid it at all costs.   That being said I would not give her advice from a chat forum, sh... More »


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