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Re: off duty officer murdered     09/02/2015
@MTechnique: It is not natural or normal to feel a loss for someone you don't know????  WOW , s... More »
Re: Temperature question     09/02/2015
70 at night with the fan going....   I like it COLD when I sleep.... More »
Re: Shopping carts in parking lot     09/02/2015
Usually when I am walking in to the store  I offer to take their cart in with me...  Usually they ... More »
Re: Bluebell     09/02/2015
@timbom: So what Ice cream company do you work for because that is BS -  They have been replaci... More »
Re: Avocado Tip     09/02/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: LOL  -  I will plead the 5th !!!! ... More »
Re: Spelling Test     09/02/2015
I got spelling Champion...  which surprised me... lol... More »
Re: Avocado Tip     09/02/2015
@beadweaver:  never left overs at my house...Also if you happen to have guacamole left over... More »
Re: off duty officer murdered     09/02/2015
@MTechnique: WOW what a bonehead comment !   So where exactly is the cutoff to signifi... More »
Re: Auction House     09/02/2015
@pickles: PicklesMy husband is an auctioneer and we hold a live auction every other Friday night... More »
Re: Heartbroken     09/01/2015
I am sooo very sorry.  It is a terrible disease..   I lost my very best friend last year to a bra... More »
Re: What 'izzit that makes you happy?     09/01/2015
so many things...That I have a job that I loveMy familyVACATIONS and TRAVEL make me happyI am happie... More »
Re: Hooray for the cheap off brand gallon bucket....     09/01/2015
@MarT: They fill with air for one thing you are right when it melts it is weird looking... ... More »
Re: Kingwood Pools?     09/01/2015
Usually sent out once you pay your HOA dues.... More »
Re: Dog groomer     09/01/2015
@Shepardmv: It is Shih Tzu   I have one as well -  there is no T ....   lol ... More »
Re: Bluebell     09/01/2015
My hubby made homemade cookies last night ....  Couple warm ones topped with homemade vanilla.... Y... More »
Care to add a face to your user name?     08/31/2015
Sure I'll play along. [img][/img]... More »
Re: Toe vs. Wood     08/31/2015
@donnatella: OMG -   That made me laugh out loud !! ... More »
Re: Big Brother 17 - Anyone Still Watching?     08/31/2015
@djohn78: You know you can't put a bunch of women and min in a house and not have hook ups right... More »
Re: CC fraud @ Kroger     08/31/2015
Couple months back wihen I was in Alaska I had a charge from Mexico.  My carried called me ASAP and... More »
Re: Lost Red Heeler     08/31/2015
@maryandress: Get him chipped if he is not already.....    So glad you got him back !! ... More »

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