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Re: Lab for blood draw?     02/12/2016
Quest is still in the same center...  Enter the Vision Source entrance...... More »
Re: Are you giving your guy a Valentines Day present?     02/11/2016
I think I might get him a Yeti cup.... I'm at a loss....... More »
Re: Who here seperates eggs?     02/11/2016
the yolk is the best part....   What you gonna sop up with your toast???  lol... More »
Re: My independent Water Test...Not good!     02/11/2016
Could the bacteria come from the faucet???  Just a thought....Not saying that it did.... More »
Re: Fatal Wreck     02/10/2016
@soxs mom: That is good news.   Thanks! ... More »
Re: Fatal Wreck     02/10/2016
Most of the time it is the innocent that are hurt in these situations...   I am afraid that is the... More »
Re: What a Dem has to say about Donald     02/10/2016
I just wish we could bring some class back to the office.... ughhhhhSo disgusted with all the choice... More »
Re: Most Popular Vehicles     02/10/2016
One of those is my hubbys Ford truck, stolen last month..... ughhhhh... More »
Re: Kingwood Park HS parents     02/10/2016
LOL   Back when my son was In high school the drug dogs alerted on his car......  It was firework... More »
Re: Inquiring minds want to know...     02/10/2016
I don't eat anything weird at all...  I don't even eat seafood.. loldeer meat is about the only thi... More »
Re: Warren's Landscaping Service     02/10/2016
@beastmode: They are high but they do really good work and are local.   They did the structure... More »
Re: Ladies: Perfect Male Gift this Valentine     02/09/2016
Sometimes you want what you want when you want it... I have nothing against a wipe in those circumst... More »
Re: Freaking rant of the day     02/09/2016
Set up a camera and catch them in the act......  ... More »
Re: Facebook Crap we hate     02/09/2016
Or post  that say share or go to hell...   Or type Amen or you are heartless... Oh yeah, and I am... More »
Re: CVS Screw Up     02/08/2016
I hear you can get good money for the little blue pills.....  ... More »
Re: WHAT?? Final season for THE GOOD WIFE??     02/08/2016
@donnatella: YES, he is !!!   OMG I totally forgot he was on Grey's Anatomy. ... More »
Re: WHAT?? Final season for THE GOOD WIFE??     02/08/2016
I love the show too !!!   The Good Wife needs to hook up with the private  Investigator !!!!... More »
Auction Tonight - Feb 5,2015 - Approved     02/05/2016
Add approved by -  Paid SponsorWe will have a auction tonight at our location in New C... More »
Re: As of tonight ANN has a home!!!!     02/05/2016
So freaking happy things have worked out for you !!!!!  Never underestimate prayer warriors!!!... More »
Re: Zika Virus and going on a cruise     02/05/2016
@cowboysfan0314: We did Whale watching and the really nice train ride that goes up into Canada.... More »

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