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Re: Do your neighbors let their dogs bark all day and night?     10/26/2015
@Auctioneer: @chrisinkingwoodsorry that was me not auctioeer ... More »
Re: Big ol dead feral hog laying on KIngwood drive     10/26/2015
Sorry - the above post is me, NOT auctioneer !!!!! ... More »
Re: Under the Glenn dead?     10/26/2015
sorry - I have when I post as my old man !!!!  lol... More »
Re: Do your neighbors let their dogs bark all day and night?     10/26/2015
My dogs are mostly indoors.  I let them out in the mornings to potty and they run the fence line an... More »
Re: Under the Glenn dead?     10/26/2015
@kingwooddiscgolf: WE think alike..  That was my first thought as well...... ... More »
Re: Play Dead     10/22/2015
shark???????... More »
Re: Everyone at work is coughing...     10/22/2015
I have had exactly what you are talking about for over a week now...  I went to the Doctor on day o... More »
Re: Ladies, hose or bare legs?     10/22/2015
I am a NO hose kind of girl... UNLESS we are talking some type of special occasion that I would want... More »
Re: Little Kitten Grows Up With Golden Retriever Best Friend (Video)     10/20/2015
@herron    You ROCK - thanks for sharing...   I so envy the way you remember little things abou... More »
Anyone else sick????     10/16/2015
Well I know everyone on this board is sick to some extent.. lolSunday night it started with a sore t... More »
Oct 16 Auction by Texas Auctioneers - approved     10/16/2015
This ad approved by Kingwood.comClick the below link for a sample of what will be sold tonight to th... More »
Re: What do you have next to your bed?     10/14/2015
My phone and my 38... More »
Re: Vote NO -Proposition 1     10/13/2015
@ProblemAgain: It is illegal that does not mean it doesn't happen...  The reason the offenders ... More »
Re: Who watched the Walking Dead last night?     10/12/2015
I watched it and I gotta say it was pretty confusing to me........ More »
Re: MISSING SHAR PEI! ! ! !     10/12/2015
That is awesome !!!   Please let the owner know how lucky they got this time!!!   Beautiful dog.... More »
Re: Sauce or no sauce     10/07/2015
very little sauce or a little butter....... More »
Re: OMG, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!     10/06/2015
 Not a fan of that many tats but I sure wouldn't hold it against him....  .... More »
Re: The Martian     10/05/2015
I thought it was just okay..... but the whole "space" thing is not my thing....  It was a little dr... More »
Re: How safe are the Greenbelt Trails, anyway?     09/30/2015
I bike and walk the trails.. I have my favorite trails and some that I find a bit creepy..  I would... More »
Re: Best new TV show so far     09/30/2015
Blindspot and Fear the Walking Dead.....   Blood and Oil I think may be pretty good as well.... More »

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