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Re: Are there any jobs that allow you to take your child to work??     08/27/2015
@IsaiahsMommy: We have quite a few people who attend our auctions that make a pretty darn good l... More »
Re: Great Auction Friday, Aug 28th - approved     08/27/2015
oops posted as my old man again.....  lol... More »
Re: Today is.....     08/26/2015
@Tombstone: I have always wanted one of these dogs... What can you tell me about the breed??  I... More »
Re: Fosters Mill     08/26/2015
I wish i did !!!  Love that neighborhood,....  I ride my bike through there every weekend!!... More »
Re: So I get home to this     08/26/2015
Isn't it the best feeling ever???... More »
Re: Topcat's school lunch packing tips     08/26/2015
Once my kids went to middle and high school they prefered to buy lunch.....  I had to keep a close ... More »
Re: Today is.....     08/26/2015
oops - flip my pic !!!!  ... More »
Today is.....     08/26/2015
My baby girl, Delilah. ... More »
Re: COH's Homebuyer Assistance Program     08/25/2015
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Excellent points !!!   I could not agree more.....   Todays homeowner tomorr... More »
Re: House on Fire     08/25/2015
Do we have an address or know the severity?... More »
Re: Elm grove break ins     08/25/2015
I gotta say IF they were ding dinging, which I HIGHLY doubt.  (that was poplular 20 years ago in mo... More »
Re: Is this your teen driver?     08/25/2015
I had teen drivers at one time and I would want to know if it was my kid... Thanks for posting !!!... More »
Re: How are you empty nesters holding up?????     08/25/2015
@BBQguy: That is awesome !!   I still have a pic on my now 21 year old on his very first day o... More »
Re: Frightening Flick Fans     08/24/2015
Thanks for sharing !!!   A student of my sisters was the writer and producer of the recently relea... More »
Re: K Park graduate World Champion     08/24/2015
@lola: dual citizenship ... More »
Re: Louisiana State Trooper Shot In Head During Traffic Stop     08/24/2015
Looks like the LOST character..... ... More »
Re: K Park graduate World Champion     08/24/2015
@QueenB: I know, I forgot to mention he worked at the auction....   What a great bunch of kids... More »
K Park graduate World Champion     08/24/2015
Shawn Barber graduate of KPark wins gold At the World Championships in Beijing. Pole vaulting. ... More »
Re: Boobear..... How ya doing????     08/24/2015
oops -   Guess it was @topcat I was thinking about !!!!   @topcat    hor are you doing??? Or... More »
How are you empty nesters holding up?????     08/24/2015
@boobearJust sent my boy off to College Station yesterday and and thought about you...  How you... More »

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