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Re: Teenager Killed While Changing Tire     11/09/2015
I HATE these stories !!!  I have two boys in College and I have told them to please drive to a park... More »
Re: Making friends     11/09/2015
I have both super close what I consider BEST friends...  and I have acquaintances.  I love both.. ... More »
Re: Robot Vacuum     11/09/2015
I think my dogs shed WAY to much.. I don't think it would work for me.. Not to mention would it be a... More »
Re: Starbucks "war" on Christmas -- really?     11/09/2015
@fcabanski: Just to put it in context they did not remove the word Christmas - it was never ther... More »
Re: Poor BooBear     11/09/2015
Scary and quite disturbing show....  I watch it but it is almost to scary for me not to gory but ju... More »
Re: Starbucks "war" on Christmas -- really?     11/09/2015
I totally agree.. Maybe they want to be able to use the cups after the Christmas season so they did ... More »
Re: Need expert advice     11/09/2015
@beadweaver: I suggest a revolver is your looking for simple...  I love my Smith and Wesson 38 ... More »
Re: Fast food burger joints     11/06/2015
Whataburger with jalapenos for me...   I still CAN NOT believe they have not hired JJ Watt as a sp... More »
Re: Energy Drinks     11/06/2015
@donnatella: Thank god !!!!  Monster rules !! ... More »
Re: Are you ready for all the grocery store specials on turkey?     11/06/2015
I won a Cajun infused turkey at work... Will be delivered next week !!!!!... More »
Re: Apples vs. Coffee     11/06/2015
I have NEVER been a coffee person....  ick.... I literally have NEVER drank coffee..  I know I am... More »
Re: Obituaries... long or short?     11/06/2015
@Retired_Engineer: I love that !!!   Makes it a celebration of life! ... More »
Re: Obituaries... long or short?     11/05/2015
I like the long ones telling the life story... HOWEVER a good alternative is to have the Obit be bri... More »
Re: BARKFEST - Nov 7th!     11/05/2015
IF the weather is nice I will come and bring my Delilah !!!... More »
Re: I Love.....     11/05/2015
@lola: me too !!!   Goin on a cruise to Belize in June !! ... More »
Re: I Love.....     11/05/2015
The sound of waves hitting the beach....... More »
Re: Raccoon removal     11/05/2015
Ben Carson Removal Services....   lol... More »
Re: I hate....     11/05/2015
Texting can be a lot of fun......    ;-)    If you do it right....  just saying...... More »
Re: Need a 7-day foster home for our foster dog     11/05/2015
   Here is the way I see it.....1.  I foster your beautiful dog....2.  Hubby gets angry 3.  My ... More »
Re: Does your vehicle have keyless ignition? Do you like it?     11/04/2015
@donnatella: I admit to being a dingy as they come.....  too much stuff floating in this brain ... More »

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