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Re: Cats     11/04/2016
@ZMAN: Tell us how you really feel???  LOL  (BTW my cat craps and kills things outside)To each... More »
Cats     11/04/2016
This is Paul, my cat. This is the look I got when I wouldn't let him go outside on Halloween. [... More »
Re: Seriously!!!! Learn bus etiquette!!!     11/04/2016
Next time totally invade his personal space, practically sit on his lap and look at the screen.... a... More »
Re: Vote for "Tucker" SPCA ...     11/04/2016
"explorer"  too cute !!!!... More »
Re: Seriously!!!! Learn bus etiquette!!!     11/04/2016
@CantStandTex: I said loud signs followed by.....   DUDE, REALLY??????  Trust me you don't wa... More »
Re: Vote for "Tucker" SPCA ...     11/04/2016
Awhhhhh  I loved the video and I voted as well.... More »
Re: Hillary for Prison 2016     11/04/2016
I really hope she is held accountable...   But I gotta say I will believe it when I see it.... More »
Re: Seriously!!!! Learn bus etiquette!!!     11/03/2016
Give a a few loud sighs... or the   Dude, seriously?????... More »
Re: Kingwood - Traffic Alert     11/03/2016
It is a really short stretch of the road... Mills Branch or through Greentree will be an easy work a... More »
Re: Halloween Contest Winners     11/03/2016
That skeleton stagecoach is freaking AMAZING !!!!!!... More »
Re: Normally I hate all things celebrity fragrances, however...     11/03/2016
I am in love with Jessica Simpsons - Fancy Love perfume.....peach blossom, goji leaf, jasmine, blush... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     11/03/2016
Prayers headed your way...... More »
Re: My dog's surgery     11/01/2016
Praying for your Lola !!... More »
Re: Kingwood     10/31/2016
@borgsloan: I am happy to live here as well. Some people just are glass half empty, must be a m... More »
Re: LOST CAT (Mills Branch)     10/31/2016
Any update???  Put his litter box outside.. Might help him find his way back...  Halloween is not ... More »
Re: Brock and the Texans     10/31/2016
@Annie: I hear he has help in the healing process...   lol ... More »
Re: what's your halloween witch name?     10/31/2016
Transcendent Enchantress      -     I think I LOVE it....   lol... More »
Re: Toot Toot     10/28/2016
@Andreweggplant: That is incredible !!!!!!  Here's to will power !!! ... More »
Re: anyone Vote this morning????     10/28/2016
Just got back from voting took 30 minutes...... More »
Re: Toot Toot     10/28/2016
@ctl74: Well for starters I am refusing to use the D word..  I just started drinking tons of wa... More »

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