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Re: The Village in Kingwood ????     09/17/2015
@Amy: My mom plans on visiting and checking them out.. Just wanted to see if anyone had any firs... More »
Re: Alert for debit card hacking     09/17/2015
yikes we use our card at Kroger all the time .... I have not had an issue yet...... More »
Re: Where to go for     09/17/2015
I use Ocean Spa -   in the Skeeters strip center... More »
The Village in Kingwood ????     09/17/2015
My parents along with my brother are moving to Kingwood, I am so excited !!I have a mentally handica... More »
Re: hubby sick & just days before we leave !     09/17/2015
@WJo: That happened to me a few years ago.. Let the doctor know you have a trip coming up... I g... More »
Re: Anyone in Real Estate?     09/17/2015
@donnatella: EXACTLY !!!    Dave Ramsey time !!!!   In this case a used 2-5k car that you p... More »
Re: CNN debate     09/17/2015
@FoFa: Maybe not personally but his business sure have !!!! Just a play on words IMOhttp://... More »
Re: Cancun here we come !     09/17/2015
I have been but Cancun is a bit CRA CRA for me....  lol    I prefer to stay in Playa Del Carmen ... More »
Re: CNN debate     09/17/2015
I gotta say I found Carly pretty darn impressive.   Trump scares the hell out of me!!  I like how... More »
Re: Jewelry/Consignment Auction - Fri 9-18 - Approved     09/17/2015
@donnatella: The 2ct diamond ring did not look to impressive until I cleaned it - Made a HUGE di... More »
Jewelry/Consignment Auction - Fri 9-18 - Approved     09/16/2015
2 ct dinner ring [img][/img]... More »
Re: Predator lurking in Greentree Village this morning     09/16/2015
Guess I have been lucky I walk/ride the greenbelts all the time and have never had an issue.  I am ... More »
Re: How many of you here KNOW or met your neighbors?     09/16/2015
We used to have block parties and BBQ's.  But most have moved off and I really don't know many of t... More »
Re: At least one student dead in school bus crash!     09/16/2015
None of us know how we would react if it were one of our kids on the bus.  I would guess those pare... More »
Jewelry/Consignment Auction - Fri 9-18 - Approved     09/16/2015
Some of the rings. [img][/img]... More »
Jewelry/Consignment Auction - Fri 9-18 - Approved     09/16/2015
This as has been approved by Kingwood.comWe have a really cool auction this week.  About 100 lots o... More »
Re: What a waste of brisket!     09/16/2015
I hung out with a team at the Montgomery County Cook Off last weekend.  It was amazing to me how se... More »
Re: Doing the dirty in the middle of a parking lot...     09/11/2015
yeah I would say drugs of some type.... YIKES... More »
Re: How do you like your grits?     09/11/2015
I'm sure it has already been said but..... KISSED... More »
Tonight's Auction !! Friday, Sept 11, Photos attached ** approved     09/11/2015
This ad approved by Kingwood.comSorry for the late notice -  But attached is the link for auction..... More »

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