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Re: My wife's amusing hotel experience!     07/30/2015
@Retired_Engineer: On a camping trip we had an issue and had to stay at a Motel very much like t... More »
Re: Teenagers and your sanity???     07/30/2015
I feel your pain !!  Both of mine went off to collge.... They are much better in small doses...  N... More »
Re: How are you protecting investments     07/30/2015
I just stay the course...  I am not a dooms day kind of girl.  If I stay well diversified it wi... More »
Re: I want a steak for supper     07/29/2015
Me too....   RARE !!!I make mine so rare, some folks won't sit at the table with me...&nbs... More »
Re: just wondering     07/29/2015
Also check with your church or HAAM... More »
Re: Euthanasia Vans     07/29/2015
I tend to agree that if you are terminally ill and want to end your life I think you should have tha... More »
Re: KDC Ladies     07/29/2015
(-) (-)... More »
Re: Green Mountain Energy     07/29/2015
We use Gexa and have been happy our rate is half of what it was last year... Comment above is correc... More »
Re: Florida teen boys still missing     07/29/2015
My  fear is thta one of the boys got into trouble and the other tried to help.  So sad, I think th... More »
Re: Florida teen boys still missing     07/29/2015
Lake maybe, Ocean Hell to the NO...I remember my boys going out on the lake around that age and I wa... More »
Re: I can't feel my face when I'm with you.....     07/28/2015
Kinda corny but it was #1 on last weeks countdown... More »
Re: What is the strangest place you ever did "woopie" ?     07/28/2015
on the Sea Wall at Galveston... More »
Re: Lacy     07/28/2015
Change the title to LOST  and you will ger more views...    I hope you get her back!!... More »
Re: Gonna ask the ol gal out on a date.....     07/28/2015
Just got back from the FRIO water level was great, no walking!!... More »
Re: Feedback on any of these dentists?     07/27/2015
@MarT: I have Delta Dental as well....     I saw some on Woodland Hills......   Havent tri... More »
Re: Fishing in the Gulf     07/27/2015
@CBP210: Sure pm me the info.. We use these guys becasue we don't want to shell out a lot of mon... More »
Re: House is SOLD!     07/27/2015
@Puzzles: Currently reading Zoo by Patterson...     What an adventure, have a great time in ... More »
Re: Fishing in the Gulf     07/27/2015
Lots of info and pics here... More »
Re: Fishing in the Gulf     07/27/2015
Here is the charter we use.... about 20.00 - 30.00 per person More »
Re: Fishing in the Gulf     07/27/2015
@HollyHobby: WE save money by just going on one of the bay fishing trips....  There are a few b... More »


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