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Re: Thankful for seat heaters     11/23/2015
@donnatella: Thanks for the reminder!!!  I totally ... More »
Re: Clothing hangers     11/23/2015
A few years back we sold out a Sporting good store... I bought all of the metal hangers...   No mo... More »
Unique Auction Tonight 11-20 - Approved     11/21/2015
@BooBear: Yea @queenb almost killed her hubby for bidding on the nude oil on canvas!!! I'm ... More »
Unique Auction Tonight 11-20 - Approved     11/21/2015
@boobear is a natural!!! She got some great buys!!!! Glad you made it home. Glenn passed you o... More »
Re: Unique Auction Tonight 11-20 - Approved     11/20/2015
I'm headed that way... One last bump.  Call if you have questions I won't be online....Have a great... More »
Re: What's on your Christmas list?     11/20/2015
@deltadawn: Something is just WRONG about this...... I just can't put my finger on it.....  (th... More »
Re: Dog question     11/20/2015
I have had dogs my entire life......  I have found the small breeds are worse then the large br... More »
Re: My Pre-Order of Adele 25 Just Dropped     11/20/2015
She is awesome...... More »
Unique Auction Tonight 11-20 - Approved     11/20/2015 approvedHey guys wanted to let you know we have an auction tonight a... More »
Re: Gutters     11/18/2015
I need mine gutter cleaned out.. I think I have trees growing in them !!!  lol... More »
Re: I hate Open Enrollment !!!     11/18/2015
It does take a lot of time away from work and family...And I have to go get a well checkup and repor... More »
I hate Open Enrollment !!!     11/18/2015
Rant over !!!... More »
Re: Help me pick 3 :)     11/18/2015
Cucumbers go on a sandwich???   ... More »
Re: How far are you along in Christmas Holiday gift shopping?     11/18/2015
I'm just gonna pretend I didn't see this thread......... More »
Re: WHAT!!!!     11/18/2015
Country living ----  I love it!!!... More »
Re: Weather     11/17/2015
@QueenB: Oh Oh guess I will be changing clothes at lunch!!!!   lol ... More »
Re: Town Center Fountain     11/17/2015
@allymansfield: and.....  How in the world can someone know if you donated or not???  I would ... More »
Re: Town Center Fountain     11/17/2015
@allymansfield: I remember after 9-11 I was struck by the other countries showing support... It... More »
Re: How come when my wife travels I stay up so late?     11/17/2015
 I agree there are times I LOVE  a bed to myself....and there are other times I love me some compa... More »
Re: Excuse me, Officer, I've been a very bad girl...     11/17/2015
Since I am 5'1 I have no problem with 5'4 !!!!... More »

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