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Re: Spring Break     03/02/2016
@bubbleyes72: He will be 22 in April, so I didn't really have a choice...   Weird thing is I h... More »
Re: Spring Break     03/01/2016
My son is going on a cruise with a bunch of friends so I will likely be home praying...  lol... More »
Water Main Break     03/01/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Re: Sexiest post in Kingwood     02/29/2016
she's a bit rough around the edges....rigid if you ask me..... More »
Re: Why Trump would be a good POTUS     02/29/2016
Trump also scares the crud out of me.. With his attitude he will either get himself or us all killed... More »
Kingwood library voting     02/26/2016
I just voted. Line is long wait is about 25 minutes. And Yes I agree they are more aggressive th... More »
Re: Lost dog     02/26/2016
Cute pup...   Does she have tags , is she microchipped???Good luck, I will keep a look out.... More »
Re: garage sale     02/25/2016
Keep an eye on the Kingwood Observer.. I think most of them run the ad there.Mills Branch is April 3... More »
Re: Kingwood library voting     02/25/2016
@donnatella: They are the worst !!!!!!    Parents look at you like you're Satan if you don't ... More »
Re: Need help finding another cable company!     02/25/2016
@thegoodwife: Funny you should say that I left Direct due to customer service, I have had better... More »
Re: Kingwood library voting     02/25/2016
I am pretty sure where the walkway meets the parking lot is 100 feet from the door.  I guarantee yo... More »
Re: Swimming in the "lake" near Kingwood Dr / 494?     02/25/2016
My guess is it was a dare of some sort... I have never seen that before...  If that is the worst th... More »
Re: Texts     02/24/2016
@Retired_Engineer: WOW, I do the same thing.  I send the kids cards as well - every holiday.. I... More »
Re: Trader joes     02/24/2016
I have never been to Traders Joes.   I hope I get to check them out sometime.... More »
Re: Texts     02/24/2016
@Retired_Engineer: I can understand that.  Losing my best fried was quite a blow to me..   Sh... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/24/2016
Trump?  God help us.. I just can't picture it.....  To big of a hot head IMO. ... More »
Re: Texts     02/24/2016
@Retired_Engineer: This is why girlfriends are sooo important !!!  My best friend died a year a... More »
Re: Looking for a flute     02/24/2016
Put an ad on under WANTED.We get instruments through the auction, but they are few and ... More »
Re: Sherwood / elm grove board     02/24/2016
It is a thankless job.  If they are willing to run/volunteer they have my vote.. lol... More »
Re: Which do you prefer     02/23/2016
Milk, not a dark chocolate fan at all.... More »

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