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Re: Warren's got punked last night!     04/07/2016
Okay I got to say that made my day !!!   I will mention though that this same situation was just o... More »
Re: Where does your money go?     04/07/2016
Mostly to San Antonio and College Station where my kids are going to school......I feel like when t... More »
Re: Kingwood Literacy     04/06/2016
@QueenB    I am going to be downtown participating in the Run for the Roses Cancer event.  I rea... More »
Re: So sad     04/05/2016
I am so sorry....   I lost my best friend to cancer a couple years back.. Terrible disease, she wa... More »
Re: LOST CAT!     04/05/2016
@avery09: I have heard if you put the litter box outside it will help them find home.... Good lu... More »
Re: Movie: Gravity     04/04/2016
I thought Gravity sucked as well.... More »
Re: Walking Dead.....     04/04/2016
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the show....  Can't wait to see who got the bat.. .I hope if it was Carl he ... More »
Re: Best shake?     04/04/2016
Smashburger or Fudruckers.. Both are super yummy...... More »
Re: Shingles     04/04/2016
@Fallon: yes, he drove up to Miami and went on a cruise, had some money stolen out of his wallet... More »
Re: Shingles     04/04/2016
@Fallon: My 21 year old son currently has shingles... I guess the good point is according to the... More »
Re: Oh no you diddd ent!!     03/31/2016
recycling???... More »
Re: Help!!! I lost Hubs!!!     03/30/2016
Let me guess..... He is intact????  Well, then he will be home when he gets tired!!!   lol... More »
Re: Jobs growing up     03/30/2016
First job -  Webster's Auction  cashier and clerking Sales Dairy Queen  (a few months)High scho... More »
Re: June bugs........     03/30/2016
@AuthorMan: What EXACTLY where you smoking when you witnessed this????  LOL ... More »
Re: Apple refused to help, but now...     03/30/2016
I know the FBI could get into my phone...  And to be honest I really don't have a problem with that... More »
Re: What household chore do you detest the most?     03/29/2016
I used to really hate laundry.. Mostly because kids (teens) change clothes constantly.  Now that my... More »
Re: What household chore do you detest the most?     03/29/2016
Toilets, tubs and showers !!!!   UGHHHHHHHAnd giving the dog a bath....... More »
Re: W lake Houston parkway     03/29/2016
@Jpgurl: That fiasco has come to an end.  There will be a tunnel on both sides....  yippee !!!... More »
Re: Your best haggling effort     03/29/2016
Not sure this qualifies as haggling but....We were in Cozumel and rented a scooter.. It broke down a... More »
Re: Mills Branch and "Livestock" Honey bees?     03/29/2016
@patriotsriot: Dang if all that is true the honey bees are the least of your problems. ... More »

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