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Re: Murder Suspect Does Jailhouse Interview     08/12/2015
@Mahm: That is how I understand the story as well.  The guy that killed them all was the father... More »
Re: Just bought my first Yeti     08/11/2015
The metal Yeti tumblers will hold ICE for a very ling time one in a hot warehouse 5 hours and it sti... More »
Re: Is your AC cooling to what you have it set on?     08/11/2015
AT night I turn mine down to 70 - when I get up in the morning its usually about 73.  I think it's ... More »
Re: Called HPD on pan handlers!     08/11/2015
 No way to reaserch your cause then I ain't buying what your selling... Sorry... More »
Re: I hear thunder     08/11/2015
WLH and Kingwood Drive -   I think it missed us..... More »
Re: A "Wet Nurse"?     08/11/2015
@Fallon: awhhhh you are right !!!  I didn't read the thread completely....  A wet nurse nurses... More »
Re: A "Wet Nurse"?     08/11/2015
When I had my boys they sent what is now called a lactation nurse... same thing I think...... More »
Re: Where did this wind come from?     08/11/2015
all bark no bite.....   Just thunder here..... More »
Re: Another Pets Thread     08/11/2015
@FoFa: That is classic !! ... More »
Re: Scary in Greentree     08/11/2015
Thank you  ... More »
Re: A "Wet Nurse"?     08/11/2015
Wet NurseI can't belive some of our thread pervs aren't all over this More »
Re: Blue Bell--Hell yeah!     08/11/2015
I am so happy, I really hope everything goes well....  A big hunk of my retirement is on the line..... More »
Re: It's So Hot     08/11/2015
I bet it's an active hurricane season, but then again I said that last year as well.   We are due ... More »
Re: ~ Bernie Sanders, You Spineless Socialist Coward!     08/11/2015
ughhhh I'm already sick of the political crap......and it's still early.... More »
Re: Scary in Greentree     08/11/2015
I agree I would not follow him inside and shoot him if I were scared.. BUT if I was inside and he ca... More »
Re: Posting Contest - 8/11/15 - $25 to Texas Roadhouse     08/11/2015
They do have a fantastic Happy Hour !!!... More »
Re: Posting Contest - 8/11/15 - $25 to Texas Roadhouse     08/11/2015
YUM -  Okay this one is MINE all MINE !!!!  LOL... More »
Re: What the bleepity bleepin' bleep??     08/11/2015
HUMMMMMMM  Just a guess but I think she shot up before shooting up her mom......... More »
Re: Scary in Greentree     08/11/2015
Weird -  So you neighbor watched this guy walk into his home?  Not only did he watch some strang... More »
Re: How do you handle an overly dramatic 5.5-yr old?     08/10/2015
I know some don't agree but in my house that got you a spanking.. and I took away whatever mattered ... More »


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