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Re: @lola     08/21/2015
awwhhhh  the county will put him down for sure...   I hope someone picks him up I know it is a lo... More »
Re: Ashley Madison names leaked     08/21/2015
My guess is most that were on this site have multiple emails - one for play....   Just a guess of ... More »
Re: Have you tried Uber?     08/21/2015
I have used it several times when traveling... My nephew uses it dang near every weekend..... More »
Re: I absolutely LOVE     08/20/2015
I think he is too much of a hot head,.... but I haven't counted him out..... More »
Re: Welcome KatrinaTrash !!     08/19/2015
Welcome to Kingwood...   I think because Houston did have a rise in crime due to some of the evacu... More »
Re: Subway Jared is in a mess of trouble     08/19/2015
@buffaloglenn: I bet they will serve him a foot long .... ... More »
Re: Can ya help a sister out with her ugly kitchen?     08/19/2015
@kw1681Hey sis -   A friend of mine was really happy with the guy they used.. I will try to get so... More »
Re: Car Guys --- Can You Identify This One?     08/19/2015
I would love to get my 67 firebird convertable back.....    My mom bought it for me at auction wh... More »
Re: Car Guys --- Can You Identify This One?     08/19/2015
@donnatella: I don't mind the big trucks as some guys have to have them for work... NOW when I s... More »
Re: Uber in Kingwood     08/19/2015
The first time I used them was when we took our trip to Alaska -  Used them in Seattle WA several t... More »
Re: Is it REALLY too early for a drink?     08/19/2015
@donnatella: I think as long as orange, pineapple, cranberry or tomato juice are involved you'... More »
Re: Fda and pink viagra     08/19/2015
I would give it a go.....   Am I alone????  lol... More »
Re: Uber in Kingwood     08/19/2015
I do really like the everything is handled by credit card and no cash is exchanged - safer for the d... More »
Re: Uber in Kingwood     08/19/2015
@BooBear: seems high to me too... But I know it depends on time and how many cars are ava.... More »
Re: Uber in Kingwood     08/19/2015
@BooBear: That is odd because you agree to the price before hand.. I have never had an issue wit... More »
Re: Jared Fogle to plead guilty     08/19/2015
@thetarget9: My mom is from Buffalo !!!  small world ... More »
Re: Tak'n out da trash     08/18/2015
My cat takes care of most of that stuff....  I hate spiders and rats not too fond of snakes... But ... More »
Re: Looking to plant some trees     08/18/2015
I have had great luck with the Bradford Pear -  Grows quickly and provides shade...   I HATE pi... More »
Re: Please Help: Need Witness to July 1 Multi-Vehicle Crash (KW Dr. & 59 Access Rd.)     08/18/2015
@1191: Good luck !!  I hope someone comes forward for you. ... More »
Re: OH MY GOD!! Tropical depression forms in the Atlantic, moves west toward Caribbean     08/18/2015
I just filled all my tubs with water and bought canned goods !!!!   lol... More »


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