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Re: Time for a bit of creative fun...     08/23/2016
I am not contagiousyour place or minesize does not matterAre those boobs real   ( it happens)... More »
Re: DoughNUTS     08/23/2016
So are we saying this was justified????  LOL  ... More »
Re: Reeves Furniture...     08/23/2016
It is very sad... She is consigning some items in this weeks auction....   Sad to see her go.... More »
Garage Door repair or replacement....     08/22/2016
I need to call the "guy"... Anyone have a recommendation?????... More »
Re: dishwasher odor     08/22/2016
ditto vinegar... More »
Re: What Your Wine Choice Says About You     08/22/2016
I don't drink wine or beer .....   What does whisky say about me???   lol... More »
Re: Re-sale shops question     08/22/2016
Auctions and or estate sales are a great resource for used furniture..  We have an auction this Thu... More »
Re: Mr. Bubbles     08/19/2016
That poor baby !!  This is going to be one of those fantastic Before and After stories...  HE is g... More »
Re: Baby deer on WLH Pkwy near Upper Lake     08/19/2016
Don't touch it mom will come back....  unless she has been hit or something....  The does leave th... More »
Re: Are they lying?     08/19/2016
It is very confusing,....   The security guard at the gas station did pull his weapon....  Lochte... More »
Re: Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/18/2016
Apparently they NEVER filed a police report however Ryan told his mother he was robbed at gunpoint a... More »
Re: Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/18/2016
To be fair Brazil has BIG worries other than this one incident.. There were several robberies, a gre... More »
Re: Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/18/2016
I am not sure they ever made an official police report.....  I think they made something up and it ... More »
Re: + Heartworm diagnosis :(     08/18/2016
@mm4731: lol  he looks like a lil B !! ... More »
Re: Tonight's Commute STINKS!!!     08/18/2016
Agreed.  I went to the Woodlands to visit my dad at the hospital...  Took me 30 minutes just to ge... More »
Re: Darn Those Pesky Facts     08/18/2016
@WskyTngoFxtrt: LOL  -   I just choked on my drink.    ... More »
Re: Am I the only one     08/18/2016
@beastmode: That is an awesome idea !!!!  I hate creative people... lol ... More »
Re: Shabby To Chic - Kingwood Drive     08/17/2016
YIKES - I hope it is worth it to them with all the bad publicity they are getting......  ... More »
Re: Feeling heartbroken     08/17/2016
((((((HUGS))))))))... More »
Re: Art or Trash??     08/17/2016
@v1kings28: Exactly what I was thinking...   Paint party at EC's home !!!!!!  ughhhh  (eyero... More »

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